Instrumental monitoring of cracks affecting the stability of the Madara Horseman, Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, Shumen Region

The rock bas-relief Madara Horseman is split by a system of cracks, separating rock blocks and directly threatening its integrity. For this reason, a monitoring system for observation of the micromovements of dangerous rock blocks was built in 1990. It includes 2 high-sensitivity extensometers and 4 pin marks. Another extensometer and several pins were subsequently installed. After several interruptions of the observations, the monitoring was resumed in 2011. At least 5 measurements of the existing system are made annually. In this way, specialists have to understand the trends evolving in the rock massif. The results of the monitoring will be used to make important decisions for the strengthening of the Monument.

The monitoring is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

Period: 2011 - 2021