Geotechnical Research Station - Ruse City

The Geotechnical Research Station (GRS) was established in 1973 in Rousse City. It is a section of the Geological Institute of BAS. It is a regional center for the study of engineering geology, geology and geotechnics in Northeastern Bulgaria. Scientific and applied research activities are carried out for the benefit of the state, civil society structures, education and the private sector. The research and technical staff collects, processes, stores and publishes data from its own engineering geological surveys; maintains and provides scientific and drilling equipment. The head of the Research Station is Dr. Vanushka Petrova.

Research Fields:

  • Regional and Quaternary Geology;
  • Geomorphology;
  • Geotechnics;
  • Engineering Geology;
  • Soil Mechanics;
  • Geoecology;

Subject of applied activities:

  • Engineering geological investigations and expert reports for collapsible loess and landslides;
  • Geotechnical investigations of deformed buildings, constructed on collapsible loess;
  • Engineering geological zoning of urbanized territories;
  • Improvement of the loess base by means of root piles and lime columns;
  • Geotechnical monitoring of the geological environment;

Състав на секцията

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