The Department Hydrogeology has been a major center of hydrogeological research in Bulgaria. The scientists of the Department have been pioneers in the elaboration of hydrogeological mapping as well as clarification of groundwater formation, its quantities and qualities, conservation, use and management of groundwater all over the country.

Another important priority has been the qualitative aspects of groundwater. The thermo-mineral waters’ viability as bottling potable waters has been studied and more than 40 bottling factories were built. The country's geothermal potential as significant ecological renewable energy source has been taken under consideration and up to 30% of the total potential is used.

The comprehensive project "Re-evaluation of Geothermal Energy in Bulgaria" was developed by the scientists of the Department Hydrogeology, and is continuously used for management of thermo-mineral waters in the country by the state and municipal services.

Nowadays, 8 people work for the Department. Most of them are young scientists of age from 30 to 50 years old. One of the workers is professor, three are doctors of philosophy, and three of the others are PhD students.

Състав на секцията

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