Mineralogy and Mineral Resources

The department of “Mineralogy and mineral resources” was established half a century ago by the distinguished Bulgarian mineralogist and crystallographer, co-founder and president (1982-1986) of the International Mineralogical Association and indisputable creator of the Bulgarian mineralogical school, Acad. Ivan Kostov. During the times past, emblematic for the Bulgarian mineralogy scientists like Prof. Yordanka Mincheva-Stephanova, Prof. Peter Dragov, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Terziev and Assoc. Prof. Liuben Vassilev, Prof. Ivan Bonev, Assoc. Rumen Petrounov, etc. have been working in this department.

Main fields of scientific and applied scientific research

  1. Crystal structures, Rietveld refinement, crystallochemistry
  2. Crystal morphology, growth and dissolution of minerals
  3. Defining ore-forming processes: paragenetic analysis, chemical and isotope composition of minerals and fluid inclusions, microthermometry of fluid inclusions, mineralogy and geochemistry of hydrothermal alteration, ore-genetic models. Study of different types of mineral deposits.
  4. Environmental mineralogy

Fundamental  and applied scientific projects funded by the  National Science Fund, Swiss Science Fund, Austrian Science Fund, industry funded studies by Euromax Services Plc., Assarel-Medet JSC, Geotechmin, Interoceanmetal JO, etc. are developed by the department researchers.

Състав на секцията

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