Geochemistry and Petrography

Main research fields of the Geochemistry and Petrology department are:

  • Petrology and geochemistry of the magmatic and metamorphic complexes in Bulgaria;
  • Magmatic-hydrothermal systems and hydrothermal (metasomatic) alterations related to mineral deposits and deposition of pyroclastic rocks;
  • Geochemistry of sediments and coal;
  • Geochemical vectors in ore deposits;
  • "Critical" for the European industry elements and minerals from Bulgarian deposits;
  • Geochronology and isotope geochemistry of rocks and minerals;
  • Trace elements and their impact on environment;
  • Development of analytical methods and laboratories with application in geology, archeology, material science (LA-ICP-MS; isotope analyses etc.).

Modern research in Department of Geochemistry and Petrology is conducted in close colaboration with teams from other departments of GI-BAS, with industrial and academic partners from Bulgaria and the world: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, USA, China, Australia and others. Scientists of the department participate in the training of PhD students through teaching, supervision of doctoral studies, joint research projects.

Състав на секцията

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