National Geoinformation Centre


The strategic goal of the project is to improve the coordination and to integrate the efforts of the existing scientific infrastructure networks in the Republic of Bulgaria to unite the primary results in a single complex geo-information center, analysis for assessment, forecasting and prevention of natural and anthropogenic risks and disasters, and involvement in European networks and projects for the development of Earth sciences. It is planned to create a new scientific ICT-based infrastructure for the development of integrated products in order to reduce the damage from natural disasters and industrial accidents on the basis of primary geographic information products from available monitoring networks; ensuring permanent access of government institutions and local authorities to the new scientific ICT infrastructure and training of staff for the development of effective and efficient plans for prevention and protection of the population from major damage in natural disasters and industrial accidents; raising the awareness of the population about natural disasters, etc. The work includes structuring the database, collecting information concerning the dangerous geological processes in the country, incl. hydrogeological, and their introduction into the GIS environment.

Supported by Ministry of Education and Science.

Period: 2018 - 2027