Elemental and isotopic metal transfer during oil generation


A new five-year long project “ElimetraOilGen - elemental and isotopic metal transfer during oil generation” started on Feb 1st 2022. The project is funded by the National Science Fund contract # КП-06-ДВ/6 as part of the National Scientific Program “VIHREN-2021”.

The main goal of the proposed research is to establish novel inorganic geochemical parameters that link organic-rich sedimentary rocks (ORS) with the petroleum products that they generated. The working hypothesis is that the elemental ratios and isotopic signature of many trace metals are faithfully preserved during oil generation. To test this, a team of young and experienced researchers will work on genetically linked oil-source rock pairs, focusing on three objectives: (i) characterize the metal content of oils in a geologic context; (ii) identify metal ratios that link oils to their source; and (iii) develop novel isotopic tools for oil-source correlation.

This research will improve our fundamental understanding of geochemical reservoirs and processes and the formation of petroleum systems. The metal chemistry of ORS will offer insights into sources and processes that operated during ORS deposition. In a broad and interdisciplinary sense, data and tools developed in this study may contribute towards environmental tracing of oil pollution and towards a safer and improved fuel production. The proposed project will foster the long-term scientific development of individual researchers, research groups, and the host institution.

Period: 2022 - 2026