130 jears from announcement Sofia city for capital of Bulgaria 1879 - 2009

History of Sofia
Major's of Sofia

Sofia Municipality
Sofia Panorama

17 September
is the Official Fest day of Sofia

Sofia - our capital

N 42,7167 ; E 23,333 ; GMT+2

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Sofia center

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Sofia - The Government Addresses
Sofia - The Bulgarian Law list
Sofia - The Newspapers and Magazine
Sofia - The Medical Services
Sofia - The Family doctor
Sofia - The Museums
Sofia - The Short History
Sofia - The Art
Sofia - The Theatres
Sofia - The Programm (movies,klubs,exhibitions,conserts)
Sofia - The National Opera and Balet
Sofia - The National Palace of Culture
Sofia - The Centrallbus station
Sofia - The Centrallrailway station
Sofia - The Public Transport
Sofia - The Airport
Sofia - The Metropolitan
Sofia - The Restaurants (netinfo.bg)
Sofia - The Hotels
Sofia - The Banks
The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Central Building and the Monument
to Imperator Alexander II,
the Liberator of Bulgaria (1877-1878)

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