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70th Anniversary of the Geological Institute
1947 - 2017

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New geological books

New publishing books of Akad.Prof. Todor Nikolov
Outlines of a Life's Path of Akad.Prof. Todor Nikolov
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Bibliography of Prof.DSc. D.Evstatiev (in Bulgarian)
Geology and Geotechnics of the environment (in Bulgarian) of Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Roumiana Angelova
Metallogeny of the Eastern Rhodopes of Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Vladimir Georgiev (in Bulgarian)
"Hydrotermal wallrock alterations" of Prof.DSc. Milko Kanazirski
"Slatino" of Prof.DSc. D.Evstatiev

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70th Anniversary of the Geological Institute

Zhivko Ivanov Award

Report Geological effects Related to May 22,2012 Pernik earthquake
ESF and ALLEA evaluation report of the research units of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Volume 4 Panel 3 Report - Earth Sciences

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Project SIMONA-DTP-093-2.1
Project BG-GR GWB

Project of OP "Competitiveness" 2007-2013

Laboratory LAICPMS
Projects from VI,VII Frame Programm EU
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Sofia Our Capital

Presentation of the book "Geology of Bulgaria"

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