National Art Gallery

Imperial Palace - The history of this building is quite interesting. This place is housed Saraya grazing. In 1816 building was destroyed by fire. Nearly fifty years later, in 1873 on its new foundation is built Konak. In the dungeons he receives his sentence Vasil Levski. In 1879 the building became the residence of Prince Alexander Battenberg. On his arrest in 1880-1882 was carried out first reconstruction of the building - from architects Rumpelmayer, Kolar and Mayerberg. On the eve of 1883. there is held the first Court-ball. In 1893-1895, the palace underwent a new transformation - has expanded east wing, as planned by the Austrian architect Gryunanger. The building contains elements of Renaissance and Baroque Vienna, and reminiscent of French palaces of the eighteenth century In 1954 the former Princely Palace housed the National Art Gallery and the National Ethnographic Museum. In 1978 the building was declared a cultural monument of national importance.

Address: Gen. Gurko 1 (entrance from the street "Knyaz Al.I)
Phone: +359 2 987 2181
Hours: 10:00 to 17:30, Thursday until 19.00, every day - Monday
last Tuesday of the month - Free day
Prices: adults - BGN 4, students and pensioners - BGN 2

National Art Gallery is housed in the building of the former Royal Palace. In the gallery are exposed to more than 3000 works of art - paintings, sculpture and graphics of prominent representatives of Bulgarian art. The main task of the Sofia City Art Gallery is the preservation, conservation and study of artistic heritage. Professionals working in the institution, caring for her collection and its presentation to the public through exhibitions, catalogs and publications. The gallery has 1100 square meters exhibition space, divided into four areas. Year they are organized about 30 exhibitions.