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The decision to create a local computer network at the Geological Institute was taken by the Scientific Council of the Institute in 1995
Geological Institute has a full (IP network Class C), registered in terms of RIPE (1995). Web was re-registered in 1998 under the same conditions for transition to the new domain (bas.bg). General (physical), it is a type of LAN network "Ethernet" (10BASE-2 to 2003.) and full (10/100BASE-T after 2003.) a number of PCs all departments of the institute. Web is built on the principle of equal access to the
Web - ("Per to Per") and operates under the network protocols Microsoft Windows . By 2003. Relationship with the global network - Internet implementation, leased telephone line modems to routers бл.25А-BAS (Gate 1/Asyc 35 / 9 to 2003.), And from 2003 through fiber optics.
For upgrading the Internet connection (in 1996.) , one of the computers connected to the network was created and configured Internet communication server that is running OS - LINUX . Communication Server allows each of its connected in local network computers to carry out a complete set of Internet protocols and service - (mail; www; ftp; Gate; DNS, etc.).. There are conditions for a continuous - 24 hour access to the full set of Internet protocol services. Communication server and modem, (2003 - Sisco Catalyst 2950) are supplied by UPS type "Back UPS-600 (to 2003), and in 2004 by "Smart UPS-700 (to 2009) of 2009" Smart UPS-1000 with the opportunity to control and safely shutdown stopping power.

Structure and management of local network.
Structure, local computer network "as art. 10 (4) of "Rules of the Geological Institute" is leading to Publishing and Information sector. Executive, local computer networks in accordance with Article 21 (4) of "Rules of the Geological Institute" is subject to the Director of the Institute and directed by "Manager". "Head of the" perform action "System Administrator".
By order of the Director of the Geological Institute, № 328 on 14.06.2004 regulate all activities of employees in the networking and the Internet.

Condition of the local network and Internet communications in Geological Institute is currently.

Currently - February 2010 LAN and Internet communications have the following parameters and structure:

LAN includes all structural units of GI and currently includes about 140 pc. Computers with different types of configurations, as is the prevailing PIV and PCoreDuo Network is developing very dynamically and while early 1995 original two "Ethernet" (10BASE-2) segment was sufficient to serve 9br. PC , it later this initial "backbone" has been continuously expanded and upgraded. In 2003 . LAN was fully reconstructed in the form "Ethernet" (10/100 BASE-T) with 12 units. (Swich 10/100 of 8/16/24 ports) on different floors of the building block. 24, and thus is structurally wired virtually the entire building.Created in 1996 (then - P75/64RAM) server communication, now covers the full set of the Internet services of the Geological Institute. Administration of Internet services and computers potdrazhkata for all units in the Geological Institute is carried out by the system administrator. Of communication and file server (now - Pentium CoreDuo/3Ghz/2Gb.RAM/HDD-RAID) is designed, configured and put into WWW server and website - (bilingual BG-EN) Geological Institute of the URL ( www.geology.bas.bg ) - (1996 - more than 14 years). B now - 01.01.2010 on mail server serves approximately 160 e-mail address. Server software is updated, constantly updated and reconfigured in order to take on ever increasing load for solving urgent problems and improve its functioning. From 01.12.2006 on the server of the institute was launched in "webmail" postal service, significantly improving the organization of work email. In 2010 provides improvements in Internet and Intranet services to continue at the institute.

Regulations governing the activities of the network (in Bulgarian)
Rules for the operation of local networks in Geological Institute.
Order № 328/14.06.2005 to regulate work local network and Internet communications of the Geological Institute, BAS.
Rules for the use of computer resources in the PNZ Academy of Sciences (from 10.03.2005)

Guides to Dr. Ivan Madjarov - Technical University of Sofia (in Bulgarian)
Protocols and services (.pdf 452kB)
Multimedia documents (.pdf 2099kB)
Web and Databases (.pdf 861kB)
Client-server commands SSI в Интернет (.pdf 133kB)
File sharing в Интернет (.pdf 416kB)
Basic concepts and definitions on the Internet (in Bulgarian)
Basic definitions and concepts in the Internet (.pdf 134kB)
Spam, what is it and how to keep it (.pdf 178kB)
Practical IT security (.pdf 205kB)

Linux book from Dummies (in Bulgarian)
Linux - First Steps (.pdf 889kB)

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