Department of Geochemistry and Petrology

Head of the Department:

Assoc.Professor Peter Marchev, Ph.D.

Scientific staff:

Res.Prof. Angel Kounov, D.Sc.
Assoc.Prof. Peter Marchev, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Yotzo Yanev
Assoc.Prof. Vassil Arnaudov, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Lilan Daieva, Ph.D.
Res.Assoc. Mariana Josiffova, Ph.D.
Res.Assoc. Mitko Popov, Ph.D.
Res.Assoc. Herzinta Belmustakova, Ph.D.
Res.Assoc. Rositza Ivanova, Ph.D.
Res.Assoc. Alexsander Hadzhiev
Res.Assoc. Atanas Hikov
Res.Assoc. Alexander Vlahov
Ms. Nadezhda Velinova
Ms. Raya Raycheva

List of the professors:

Res.Prof. Milko Kanazirski ,D.Sc. (pensioner)
Res.Prof. Angel Kounov, D.Sc.
Prof. Ivan Velinov, D.Sc.,Corresp.Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (pensioner)
Prof. Dimitar Kozhuharov, Ph.D. dead april 2005

Scientific domain:

Scientific projects:
More significant scientific equipment:

X-ray fluorescence instruments
VRA-2 and Muller Micro 111;
Atomic absorption analyzer Perkin-Elmer 3030;
Quantometre CPM-25, etc.

Possibilities for scientific co-operation: Geochemistry of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks; Geochemistry of rare elements in granitoids and metamorphics; Mineralogy and geochemistry of granitic pegmatites; Geochemistry of lead isotopes in igneous and metamorphic rocks, and Pb/Pb radiogeochronology; Geochemistry of elements in technogenic landscapes. Services offerred: Flame photometry of alkaline elements; Silicate analysis of rocks and minerals; AA Analysis of Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Li, Fe, Ag, Au, Mn; Analysis of Ca, Mg, Mo, W, P, V. igneous petrology (intrusive, extrusive and effusive rocks and complexes); numerical petrology and computer modelling, petrological databases; low- and medium-temperature metasomatism related to hydrothermalism; experimental and theoretical modelling of metasomatic processes. Services offerred: field and laboratory studies on metasomatic alterations in igneous and metamorphic rocks, applied to ore prospection for gold, copper, base metals, etc.
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