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Geologica Balcanica

Condita anno 1934 a Prof. Dr. Stefan Bonchev

Since 2008 Geologica Balcanica is the official journal of the
Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association (CBGA)

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    32.1 2002 ; 32.2-4 2002 33.1-3 2003 ; 34.1-2 2004
    34.3-4 2004 ; 35.1-2 2005 35.3-4 2006 ; 36.1-2 2007
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    39.3 2010 ; 40,1-3 2011; 41,1-3 2012 ; 42,1-3 2013
    43,1-3 2014 ; 44,1-3 2015

  • Geologica Balcanica, 30.1-2 Sofia 2000

    Z. Pecskay, A. Harkovska, A. Hadjiev - K-Ar dating of Mesta volcanics (SW Bulgaria)
    P. Lilov, Z. Pecskay, A. Goranov, I. Boyanov - Preliminary data on the K-Ar dating of the basic rocks from the region South of Momchilgrad, East Rhodope Mts., Bulgaria
    Ts. S. Svanidze, Z. A. Lebanidze, E. B. Jacobidze - Upper Triassic - Bajocian vegetation of the Western Georgia and stratigraphic significance of the flora
    A. Chatalov - Marine phreatic cements in the Triassic limestones from the Western Balkanides
    T. Ilieva - Echinoids from the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary sequence at Byala, Varna area, Bulgaria
    I. Zagorchev, E. Trifonova, D. Ivanova, K. Stoykova, E. Goranov, P. Pemov - New data on the Middle and Upper Jurassic stratigraphy in the Konyava Mountain, SW Bulgaria
    Z. Boev - A Lower Miocene gull (Larinae gen. indet.) (Laridae Vigors, 1825 - Charadriiformes Huxley, 1867) from Hrabarsko (W Bulgaria)
    Z. Boev, G. Koufos - Presence of Pavo bravardi (Gervais, 1849) (Aves, Phasianidae) in the Ruscinian locality of Megalo Emvolon, Macedonia, Greece

    Studia breviora
    Ammonite evidence for the Lower, Middle and Upper Cenomanian in Northeastern Bulgaria - V. Minev Palynological analysis of samples from the Padala Formation - S. Cernjavska Metohiya Formation (corrections to the description and type section) - I. Zagorchev

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    Geologica Balcanica, 30. 3-4 Sofia 2000

    J. Evlogiev, P. Enciu - Lithostratigraphic correlation of the geomorphological forms in Central North Bulgaria and Southern Romania
    I. Nachev- Paleogeodynamics and Alpine exogenic metallogeny in Bulgaria
    I. Lakova - Dispersed tubular structures and filaments from Late Silurian - Middle Devonian marine deposits of Bulgaria and Macedonia
    A. Chatalov - Deformation structures in the Iskur Carbonate Group (Lower - Upper Triassic) from the Western Balkanides
    Ek. Dimitrova, A. Goranov, Iv. Boyanov - New fossil evidence for the Lower Paleogene (Krumovgrad Group) in the East Rhodope Mountains, SE Bulgaria
    V. Dekov, V. Van Alsenoy, N. Onar, A. Van Put, R. Ban Grieken - Partitioning of heavy metals between estuarine sediments and dissolved phase as a function of salinity, pH and time (Scheldt estuary)
    J. Kortenski, A. Sotirov - Chalcophile elements in some Bulgarian coals
    I. Georgiev, S. Shanov, I. Chapanov - A contribution to the estimation of tectonic plate motion from the CLG98 SLR solution

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    Geologica Balcanica, 31.1-2 Sofia 2001

    Special issue "Geodynamic hazards (earthquakes, landslides), Late Alpine tectonics and neotectonics in the Rhodope Region"
    I. Zagorchev - Introduction to the geology of SW Bulgaria
    S. Shanov, K. Kourtev, G. Nikolov, A. Boykova, B. Rangelov - Seismotectonic characteristics of the western periphery of the Rhodope Mountain region
    I. Brouchev, G. Frangov, R. Varbanov, P. Ivanov - Geological hazards in the western periphery of the Rhodope Region

    Abstracts of the contributions

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    Geologica Balcanica, 31. 3-4 Sofia 2001

    I. Boyanov, A. Goranov - Late Alpine (Palaeogene) superimposed depressions in parts of Southeast Bulgaria
    T. Nikolov, B. Peybernes, I. Lakova, R. Cizsak, M. Durand-Delga, M. Ivanov - Sur l’age Tithonien - Berriasien du lithostratotype de la Formation Magura (anticlinal de Belogradchik, Prebalkan Occidental): implications paleogeographiques
    E. Trifonova, D. Ivanova - Foraminiferal assemblages and zonation across the Lower - Middle Triassic boundary in Bulgaria
    L. Metodiev, I. Sapunov - Aalenian and Lowermost Bajocian ammonites (Hammatoceratinae and early Otoitidae ) from the Western and Central Balkan Mountains (Bulgaria)
    D. Kovachev - Description d'un squelette complet de Metailurus (Felidae, Carnivora, Mammalia) du Miocène supérieur de Bulgarie
    Y. Oahbi, M. Aberkan, F. Serre - Climate impact on Late Pleistocene Mammals from the Northern Rif Mountains (Northern Morocco) and zoogeographical implications

    Studia breviora
    First finding of Protogrammoceras (Harpoceratinae, Ammonitina) in the Pliensbachian (Ozirovo Formation), West Bulgaria - L. Metodiev

    January 2002

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    Geologica Balcanica 32.1 Sofia 2003

    Kozlu, Y. Goncuoglu, G. Sarmiento, M. C. Goncuoglu - First finding of Late Silurian conodonts from the “Orthoceras Limestones”, Camdag area, NW Turkey: preliminary constraints for the paleogeography
    A. Koroneous, G. Eleftheriades - Mineralogical constraints on the petrogenesis of the Pangeon granitoids (Central Macedonia, northern Greece)
    Pashova, R. Grebenitcharski, I. Georgiev, G. Nikolov - Combined geodetic and tectonic study of the region southeast of Sofia R. Eftimi, P. Skende, J. Zoto - Isotope study of the connection of Ohrid and Prespa lakes
    Markova, V. Sallabasheva, V. Vuchev, S. Lefterova - Molecular-structural studies of oxygen in coals. II. Geochemical bonds of oxygen in carbonaceous coals

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    Geologica Balcanica 32.2-4 Sofia 2002

    Special issue dedicated to: 110th anniversary of Acad. Strashimir Dimitrov
    17th Congress of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association

    B. Mavroudchiev - Academician Strashimir Dimitrov - A bright trail in Bulgarian geology

    Short papers and extended abstracts
    C. Dabovski, I. Boyanov, K. Khrischev, T. Nikolov, I. Sapounov, Y. Yanev, I. Zagorchev - Structure and Alpine evolution of Bulgaria
    I. Haydoutov - Peri-Gondwanan terranes in the pre-Palaeozoic basement of Bulgaria
    I. Zagorchev - Radioisotopic data and geodynamic interpretations in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula
    E. Kozhoukharova, D. Kozhoukharov - Pseudomagmatic texture in ophiolites from the Rhodope Massif
    L.-A. Daieva, G. Stanisheva-Vassileva - Sediment involvement in the genesis of subduction related volcanic rocks from Eastern Srednogorie island arc system: trace element data
    S. Stoykov, Y. Yanev, R. Moritz, D. Fontignie - Late Cretaceous magmatism in the Chelopech Region, Central Srednogorie magmatic zone, Bulgaria
    I. Sapunov, V. Belivanova - Origin of the Early-Middle Jurassic stratigraphic gaps in the Central Balkanids
    T. Nikolov - Catastrophic deposits in the Bulgarian Lower Cretaceous
    P. Tchoumatchenco - Jurassic outcrop depositional sequence stratigraphy in western Bulgaria
    K. Stoykova, M. Ivanov - Event and sequence stratigraphy of the Maastrichtian and Danian in Bulgaria
    D. Ivanova, I. Lakova, P. Pavlishina, E. Koleva-Rekalova - Joint biostratigraphy and lithofacies of Berriasian and Valanginian limestones from subsurface sections in NE Bulgaria
    P. Nikolov - Middle Miocene Subseries in part of Northeastern Bulgaria - chronostratigraphy and correlations
    I. Velinov - Place, role and significance of the propylites in Bulgaria
    M. Kanazirski, S. Chipchakova, M. Gorova, R. R. Arnaudova - Wallrock alterations in the porphyry copper deposits of the Panagyurishte ore district and formation-facial belonging of the metasomatites
    A. Kunov, R. Nakov - Adularia-sericite epithermal gold-containing deposits and occurrences in Bulgaria - an overview
    A. Hikov - Geochemistry of hydrothermally altered rocks in Klisoura, Sofia District
    L. Grozdanov, N. Vladykin, K. Uzunov, A. Andreev - Differentiation tendencies in Svidnya potassic-alkaline magmatites
    E. Pentcheva, A. Benderev, V. Spassov, I. Petkov, N. Velitchkova, V. Hristov - Dynamics and evolution of heavy metal water pollution in the Plovdiv Region (Bulgaria)
    Yotov - About the assessment of exploitation resources of hydrothermal deposits
    B. Berov - Some anthropogenic changes in the geological environment in Bulgaria
    I. Brouchev - The Geological Hazards - illusions and realities
    P. Ivanov - Engineering geological conditions in the Sofia Kettle and consequences from the earthquakes
    P. Tchoumatchenco - Cyclostratigraphy of the Jurassic rocks in western Bulgaria
    V. Sachanski, I. Boncheva - Geological events and processes dating by the rate of sedimentation in the area of Cherna Gora Height
    E. Koleva-Rekalova, K. Stoykova, L. Metodiev - Pressure dissolution fabrics of some Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous limestones of Western Bulgaria
    M. Yaneva, B. Berov, G. Frangov - Evolution of Sofia Basin during the Neogene
    I. Zagorchev - Neogene fluviolacustrine systems in the northern Peri-Aegean Region

    Research papers
    P. Popov, T. Berza, A. Grubic, D. Ioane - Late Cretaceous Apuseni-Banat-Timok-Srednogorie (ABTS) Magmatic and Metallogenic belt in the Carpathian-Balkan orogen
    L. Metodiev - Grammoceras, Pseudogrammoceras et Podagrosites (Grammoceratinae, Ammonitina) du Toarcien superieur dans la region du Balkan (Bulgarie). Taxonomie et biostratigraphie
    I. K. Nachev - Phosphate minerals from Albian phosphorites in Bulgaria
    E. L. Lekkas - Intensity distribution and parameters controlling their geographic differentiation during the earthquakes of Izmit and Duzce (Turkey 1999)
    P. Pavlishina - Danian Normapolles from the conglomeratic formation near Panagyurishte and Strelcha (Sredna Gora Mountains, Bulgaria)
    I. D. Ivanov - Simple procedure for quantifying of the gravitational stress field in fractured hard rock massifs

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    Geologica Balcanica 33.1-3 Sofia 2003

    In Memoriam
    Research Associate Professor Ivan Bojanov (06.04.1931 - 29.07.2003)

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    Geologica Balcanica 34.1-2 Sofia 2004

    Special Volume IGCP 469 Late Westphalian terrestrial biotas and environments
    Special editors C. J. Cleal and Yanaki Tenchov

    Tabula materiae

    C. J. Cleal - IGCP 469 - Late Westphalian terrestrial biotas and environments of the Variscan Foreland and adjacent intramontane basins
    C. J. Cleal, Y. G. Tenchov, E. L. Zodrow - Review of the late Westphalian - early Stephanian macrofloras of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    T. K. Dimitrova - Microfloral biostratigraphy and vegetation change in the late Westphalian of the Dobrudzha Basin, NE Bulgaria
    B. G. Evans - An introduction to the South Wales Pennant Formation: its origin, outcrop and conservation
    Howard J. Falcon-Lang - Pennsylvanian upland vegetation and its implications for the demise of the peat-forming tropical biome
    E. A. Jarzembowski - Atlas of animals from the Late Westphalian of Writhlington, United Kingdom
    S. Oplustil - Late Carboniferous tectono-sedimentary evolution and related terrestrial biotic changes on the North Variscan and Appalachian forelands, and adjacent paralic and continental basins
    Josef Psenicka, Jiri Bek - Tenchovia bulgariaensis gen. et sp.nov. from the Pennsylvanian of the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    Z. Simunek - The Upper Westphalian flora of the Bohemian massif (pteridosperms, cordaites and extrabasinal elements)
    Y. Tenchov - The Rakovski Formation (Carboniferous, NE Bulgaria) - stratigraphy, sedimentary conditions and interpretation
    Y. Tenchov - The genus Lonchopteris Brogniart in the Dobrudzha Carboniferous Basin, Bulgaria
    B. A. Thomas, Y. G. Tenchov - The Upper Westphalian lycophyte floras of the Dobrudzha Coalfield (Bulgaria) and a comparison with those of southern Britain and Cape Breton (Canada)

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    Geologica Balcanica 34.3-4 Sofia 2004

    Tabula materiae

    À. Harkovska, Z. Pecskay, M. Popov - The Kraishte magmato-tectonic zone (Western Bulgaria) - a review
    A. Popevic, E. Memovic, G. Zakariadze, D. Milovanovic, S. Karamata - The basalts of Podpec (near Priboj, SW Serbia), the youngest (?) basaltic rocks of the Dinaridic ophiolitic basin
    T. Dimitrova - Palynological study of the Gurkovo Formation (Westphalian D/Cantabrian), Dobrudzha Basin, Bulgaria
    I. Boncheva, I. Zagorchev, E. Goranov - New data on the Treklyano Group (Jurassic): sections Rayantsi-West and Gorna Glogovitsa (SW Bulgaria)
    J. Kortenski, A. Sotirov - Occurrence and distribution of the siderophile elements in some Bulgarian coals
    N. Spassov, D. Geraads, D. Kovachev - Miotragocerus (Pikermicerus) Kretzoi (Mammalia, Bovdae) from the Turolian of Bulgaria.

    In memoriam
    Acad.Prof. Ivan Kostov (24.12.1913 - 31.03.2004)

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    Geologica Balcanica 35.1-2 Sofia 2005

    Tabula materiae

    K. Stoykova, S. Juranov, M. Ivanov - Calibration of calcareous nannofossils and planktonic foraminifers’ zonation in the Lower and Middle Paleocene of Bulgaria
    D. Geraads, N. Spassov, D. Kovachev - Giraffidae (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of Kalimantsi and Hadjidimovo, Southwestern Bulgaria
    S. Kalaidjiev - Origin of secondary fault structures in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula
    P. Tchoumatchenco, M. Yaneva, E. Koleva-Rekalova, K. Stoykova, D. Ivanova - Jurassic stratigraphy of the section Staro selo, Pernik District, Southwestern Bulgaria
    A. Chatalov - Monomineralic carbonate ooid types in the Triassic sediments from Northwestern Bulgaria

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    Geologica Balcanica 35.3-4 Sofia 2006

    Tabula materiae

    The Ezerovo deinothere - Editorial
    D. Kovachev, I. Nikolov - Deinotherium thraceiensis sp. nov. from the Miocene near Ezerovo, Plovdiv District
    B. Valchev - Benthic foraminiferal morphogroups from the Paleocene of the coastal part of East Stara Planina Mts.
    P. Marchev, R. Moritz - Isotopic composition of Sr and Pb in the Central Rhodopean ore fields: Inferences for the genesis of the base-metal deposits

    Problemata et disputations
    I. Zagorchev - Kraishtides (Kraistiden) 70 years later: Myth or Reality?

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    Geologica Balcanica 36.1-2 Sofia 2007

    Tabula materiae

    Y. Tenchov - The Carboniferous of Svoge Coalfield (Bulgaria)
    N. Zidarov, E. Tarassova, I. Peytcheva, A. von Quadt, V. Andreichev, R. Titorenkova - Petrology, geochemistry and age dating of Skrut granitoids - new evidence for Early Triassic magmatism in Belassitsa Mountain (SW Bulgaria)
    I. Zagorchev, K. Budurov - Stratigraphic problems of the Moesian Group (Upper Triassic, peri-Tethyan type), Bulgaria
    E. Dimitrova, B. Valchev - Attempt for Upper Cretaceous planktic foraminiferal zonation of the Srednogorie and Eastern Balkan zones (Bulgaria)
    J. Christova, D. Christov, S. Kuikin - Background contents of some minor and trace elements in the rocks on Bulgarian territory

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    Geologica Balcanica 36.3-4 Sofia 2007

    Tabula materiae

    I. Bruchev, N. Dobrev, G. Frangov, P. Ivanov, R. Varbanov, B. Berov, R. Nankin, M. Krastanov - The landslides in Bulgaria - factors and distribution
    E. Avramova-Tacheva, N. Dobrev - On the application of 3D monitoring methods of active fault and gravitational movements in Bulgaria
    R. Angelova - Loess-cement long-term strength - a facilitating factor for loess improvement applications
    D. Evstatiev, Y. Evlogiev - On the origin of the “Ikantalaka” landslide - the Balchik coast
    Y. Evlogiev - Evidence for the Aeolian Origin of Loess in the Danubian Plain
    S. Shanov, C. Sanz de Galdeano, J. Galindo-Zaldivar, A. Radulov, G. Nikolov, J. M. Azañon, M. Yaneva - Late Alpine deformations, Neotectonic evolution and Active tectonics of the southern border of Central Balkan Mountain: a new contribution
    A. Radulov - Active faults in the Plovdiv Depression and their long-term slip rate
    N. Ognjanova-Rumenova, M. Yaneva, G. Nikolov - Neogene Lake Basins in Southwestern Bulgaria - biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and diatom floristic interrelations
    M. Paskalev, P. Ivanov Petrov - Sedimentary basins, tectonic zones in the geological development of the Eastern Balkan Range
    M. Ivanov, K. Stoykova, I. Zagorchev, E. Goranov - Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Series in a part of the Krayshte area (Southwest Bulgaria)
    I. Lakova, P. Tchoumatchenco, D. Ivanova, E. Koleva-Rekalova - Callovian to Lower Cretaceous pelagic carbonates in the West Balkan Mountains (Komshtitsa and Barlya sections): integrated biostratigraphy and microfacies
    E. Koleva-Rekalova, L. Metodiev, D. Ivanova - Documentation and correlation of transgressiveregressive cycles from three Lower-Middle Jurassic successions of the Western Balkan Mts, Bulgaria
    I. Dimitrov - The Silurian Salinic Disturbance - newly discovered orogenic event in the northern Appalachians
    V. Sachanski, M. C. Goncuoglu, I. Gedik, C. Okuyucu - The Silurian of the Catak and Karadere areas of the Zonguldak Terrane, NW Anatolia


    R. Glavcheva, M. Matova - International Symposium “Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization” (Baku, 24-27 September 2007)
    M. Matova, G. Frangov, P. Ivanov - Useful Balkan collaboration in geoenvironment and its main results

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    Geologica Balcanica 37.1-2 Sofia 2008

    Tabula materiae

    A. Kunov - Metasomatic families in Bulgaria - a review
    E. Kozhoukharova - Reconstruction of the primary stratigraphy and correlation of the Precambrian metamorphic complexes in the Rhodope massif
    I. Zagorchev - Amphibolite-facies metamorphic complexes in Bulgaria and Precambrian geodynamics: controversies and “state of the art”
    Z. Cherneva, M. Georgieva, E. Stancheva, I. Gerdjikov - High-pressure garnet-bearing migmatites from the Chepelare area, Central Rhodope
    E. Raeva, Z. Cherneva - Geochemistry of migmatite-granite connection: a case study from the Central Rhodope, Bulgaria
    Z. Cherneva, E. Stancheva, L.-A. Daieva, E. Voynova - Geochemistry of orthogneisses from the northern part of the Central Rhodope, Bulgaria
    B. Berov - Zoning of Sofia valley according to the level of geological hazard
    I. Yotov - Assessment of natural resources of thermal aquifers - formulation, test data, results
    P. Gerginov, M. Krastanov - Evaluation of the contamination in shallow aquifers caused by industrial activity
    B. Tchakalova, K. Todorov - Plastic soil-cement mixtures for isolation barriers
    T. Dimitrova - The ecology of Upper Westphalian microflora from Dobrudzha Coal Basin, Bulgaria

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    Geologica Balcanica 38.1-3 Sofia 2009

    Tabula materiae


    Irena Peytcheva , Albrecht von Quadt, Michail Tarassov, Nikola Zidarov, Eugenia Tarassova, Valentin Andreichev - Timing of Igralishte pluton in Ograzhden Mountain, SW Bulgaria: implications for the tectono-magmatic evolution of the reg
    Diego Puglisi - Early Cretaceous flysch from Betic-Maghrebian and Europe Alpine Chains (Gibraltar Strait to the Balkans): comparison and palaeotectonic implications
    Bathrellos, G. D. , Antoniou, V. E., Skilodimou, H. D. - Morphotectonic characteristics of Lefkas Island during the Quaternary (Ionian Sea, Greece)
    Cengiz Okuyucu - Systematics and biostratigraphic notes of the upper Moscovian-upper Gzhelian fusulinid foraminifers from the Anatolian Platform in the Southern Turkey
    Viktoria Hristova , Dimiter Ivanov - Scanning electron microscope and light microscope study of selected palynomorphs from late Miocene sediments of Sofia Basin, Southwest Bulgaria
    Tatiana Orehova , Petar Gerginov, Olga Karimova - Groundwater vulnerability map for the Ogosta River Basin, northwestern Bulgaria
    Eleonora Balkanska , Dimo Dimov - Ductile deformations along the south-western contact of the Rila-Rhodope batholith, West Rhodopes, Bulgaria

    Problemata et disputationes
    Ianko Gerdjikov , Eleonora Balkanska - Comment on: “Shanov, S., Sans de Galdeano C., Galindo-Zaldivar J., Radulov, A., Nikolov G., Azañon, J. M., Yaneva, M. 2007. Late Alpine deformations, Neotectonic evolution and Active tectonics of the southern border of Central Balkan Mountain: a new contribution. - Geologica Balc., 36, 3-4, 41-50”

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    Geologica Balcanica 38.1-2 Sofia 2010

    XIX Congress of The Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association
    ( Thessaloniki,Greece, 23-26 September 2010 )

    Abstracts Volume

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    Geologica Balcanica 39.3 Sofia 2010

    Tabula materiae
    Peter Marchev, Peter Kibarov, Richard Spikings, Maria Ovtcharova, Istvan Marton, Robert Moritz - 40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb geochronology of the Iran Tepe volcanic complex, Eastern Rhodopes
    Yanaki G. Tenchov - Distribution of Corynepteris Baily in Dobrudzha Coalfield, NE Bulgaria
    Stanislav V. Vassilev, Christina G. Vassileva, David Baxter, Lars K. Andersen - Relationships between chemical and mineral composition of coal and their potential applications as genetic indicators. Part 1. Chemical characteristics
    Stanislav V. Vassilev, Christina G. Vassileva, David Baxter, Lars K. Andersen - Relationships between chemical and mineral composition of coal and their potential applications as genetic indicators. Part 2. Mineral classes, groups and species

    Short Communication
    Donatello Magaldi, Danilo Ranalli - Using thin section autoradiography to detect the Uranium content of Fe/Mn soil nodules

    In memoriam
    Ivan Zagorchev - Viktor Yefimovich Khain (13 (26) February 1914, Baku - 24 December 2009, Moscow)

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    Geologica Balcanica 40,1-3 Sofia Dec. 2011

    Tabula materiae
    Momchil Dyulgerov - Potassic syenite from Shipka, Central Balkan Mts, Bulgaria: characterization and insight into the source
    Zlatozar Boev - New fossil record of the Late Pliocene kestrel (Falco bakalovi Boev, 1999) from the type locality in Bulgaria
    Polina Andreeva, Ventsislav Stoilov and Ognyan Petrov - Application of X-Ray diffraction analysis for sedimentological investigation of Middle Devonian dolomites from Northeastern Bulgaria
    Zbynek Simunek and Yanaki Tenchov - Pennsylvanian cordaitaleans of the Dobrudzha Coal Basin (Bulgaria)
    Kyriaki Papadopoulou-Vrynioti and Isidoros Kampolis - The “Selinitsa-Drakos” coastal karstic system in the Messinian Mani Peninsula (southwestern Greece) in relation to the terrestrial geoenvironment
    Alexander Vlahov - Symmetry trends of monoelement minerals
    Iskra Lakova - Prof Peter Marchev - forty years studies in geology and magmatic petrology

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    Geologica Balcanica 41,1-3 Sofia 2012

    This volume is dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Prof. D.Sc. Ivan Zagorchev

    Tabula materiae
    Dimiter Kovachev - A porcupine skeleton of Hystrix (Hystrix) primigenia (Wagner, 1848) from the Upper Maeotian (Turolian) near Hadzhidimovo, south-western Bulgaria
    Meysam Shafiee Ardestani, Mohammad Vahidinia, Abbas Sadeghi, Jose Antonio Arz and Docho Dochev - Integrated biostratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Abderaz Formation, East Kopet-Dagh Basin (NE Iran)
    Yanaki Tenchov - Mariopteris, Dicksonites and Fortopteris from the Dobrudzha Coalfield, Bulgaria
    Silviya Petrova, Dragoman Rabrenovic, Iskra Lakova, Elena Koleva-Rekalova, Daria Ivanova, Lubomir Metodiev and Nenad Malesevic - Biostratigraphy and microfacies of the pelagic carbonates across the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in eastern Serbia (Stara Planina-Porec Zone)
    Dimitar Êovachev - A complete hyaenid skeleton of Adcrocuta eximia (Roth and Wagner, 1854) from the Upper Maeotian (Turolian) of Hadzhidimovo, SW Bulgaria
    Jean Gaudant and Milorad Vatsev - Palaeobatrachids (Amphibia, Anura) in the Oligocene sediments of the “Pirin” Mine (Brezhani Graben, Blagoevgrad Region, Southwestern Bulgaria)
    Short Note
    Kyriaki Papadopoulou-Vrinioti - Morphogenetic Study of the Mavri Limni Valley - “Polylimnio”, in Messinia (Greece)
    75th Anniversary of Prof. Doctor of Sciences Ivan Zagorchev - Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of Geologica Balcanica (1990-2008)

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    Geologica Balcanica, 42,1-3 Sofia 2013

    Tabula materiae

    Atanas Hikov - Geochemistry of hydrothermally altered rocks from the Asarel porphyry copper deposit, Central Srednogorie
    Dian Vangelov, Yanko Gerdjikov, Alexandre Kounov, Anna Lazarova - The Balkan Fold-Thrust Belt: an overview of the main features
    Mariana Yossifova, Dimitrina Dimitrova - Trace elements in some biomass collected from areas with lignite mining and power producing enterprise Maritsa East, Bulgaria
    Zlatozar Boev, Georgios Lazaridis, Evangelia Tsoukala - Otis hellenica sp. nov., a new Turolian bustard (Aves: Otididae) from Kryopigi (Chalkidiki, Greece)
    Tatiana Orehova, Peter Gerginov - Groundwater recharge and baseflow as products of climate: example of Southeast Bulgaria
    Arjan Beqiraj, Andreea Uta - The XXth Congress of the Carpathian-Balkan Associarion
    Dimitar Antonov, Radoslav Varbanov - Geological and engineering geological settings of the radioactive waste repository Novi Han, Lozen Mountain, Bulgaria

    Geologica Balcanica, 43,1-3 Sofia 2014

    This volume is dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the journal Geologica Balcanica

    Tabula materiae

    Athanas Chatalov, Yavor Stefanov - Diagenesis of Paleogene sandstones in the Padesh strike-slip basin, Southwestern Bulgaria
    Lubomir Metodiev, Natalia Tsvetkova - Lower Bajocian ammonites from the stratotype section of the Etropole Formation kept in the Historical Museum in Etropole (Bulgaria)
    Athanas Chatalov - Development of strain fringes in sedimentary rocks: Evidence for deformation of Upper Ordovician glacial diamictites in the western Srednogorie Zone
    Erratum to “Development of strain fringes in sedimentary rocks: Evidence for deformation of Upper Ordovician glacial diamictites in the western Srednogorie Zone” [Geologica Balcanica, 43 (1-3), 51-62]
    Egor Platonov, Iskra Lakova, Silviya Petrova, Vladimir Arkadiev - Tithonian and Lower Berriasian calpionellid against ammonite biostratigraphy of the Dvuyakornaya Formation in eastern Crimea
    Antoneta Seghedi, Gheorghe Oaie - Volcaniclastic turbidites of the Cosustea Nappe: a record of Late Cretaceous arc volcanism in the South Carpathians (Romania)
    Argyrios Papadopoulos, Antonios Koroneos, Georgios Christofides, Stylianos Stoulos - Natural radioactivity distribution and gamma radiation exposure of beach sands close to Maronia and Samothraki plutons, NE Greece

    Geologica Balcanica, 44,1-3 Sofia 2015

    This volume is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Prof. D.Sc. Slavcho Yanev

    Tabula materiae

    Valeri Sachanski - The Silurian in the West Balkan Mts. (Svoge Unit, Srednogorie Zone) -110 years later
    Iliana Boncheva, Valeri Sachanski, Ralph Thomas Becker - Sedimentary and faunal evidence for the Late Devonian Kellwasser and Annulata events in the Balkan Terrane (Bulgaria)
    Georgi Granchovski - Uppermost Albian-lower Cenomanian calcareous nannofossils from the Shishentsi-1 and Makresh-1 boreholes, Kula tectonic unit (NW Bulgaria)
    Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova, Krisztina Buczko - Taxonomical re-investigation of Sarmatian diatoms from NE Bulgaria, hosted in the Pantocsek Collection (Budapest)
    Irena Peytcheva, Lubomira Macheva, Albrecht von Quadt, Nikola Zidarov - Gondwana-derived units in Ograzhden and Belasitsa Mountains, Serbo-Macedonian Massif (SW Bulgaria): combined geochemical, petrological and U-Pb zircon-xenotime age constraints
    80th Anniversary of Prof. Slavcho Yanev, DSc

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