110 th anniversary of Acad. Strashimir Dimitrov's birthday

The scientific session of the Geological Institute "Strashimir Dimitrov" is dedicated to the
110 th anniversary of  Acad. Strashimir Dimitrov’s birthday.

The session will be opened on Tuesday, November 5th , in the
Great Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, “15 November” Str. 1, in ( 09:00 AM.)

The session will continue in the afternoon (13:30 PM)
in Hall 203 of the Geological Institute, “Acad. G. Bonchev” Str. Bl. 24,

and on November 6th and 7th at the same place (beginning 09:00 AM).

The session includes oral and poster presentations.

The oral presentations are grouped in the following major scientific themes:

1.  Geodynamical evolution and geological processes:

2.  Environmental Geology: The poster presentations could be out of the major scientific themes.

Organizing committee:

Professor Dr.Sci. Khrischo Khrischev         - president
Professor Dr.Sci  Milko Kanazirski            - vice -president
Senjor Res. Ass. Dr Sci. Angel Kunov        - secretary


Professor.  Yordanka Mincheva
Professor.  Ivan Velinov
Senjor Res.  Yotzo Yanev
Senjor Res.   Ivan Bonev
Senjor Res.   Vasil Arnaudov
Professor.  Bozidar Mavrudchiev

For more information you can contact to Senjor Res. Dr Sci. Angel Kunov- secretary - room 307,
tel. (+0359 2) 979 2279,  e-mail: angel@geology.bas.bg

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