studio 2004


The photos present restoration of an oil painting with an interesting case of over paintings. The surface of the paint layer has a craquelures, both in the ground and paint. They were covered with a new paint layer, to hide the disturbing cracks.

For subjective reasons the over painting has not been removed in this restoration treatment, just has been detected with observation in UV-light, and documented with photos taken in UV-light.

Restoration of oil painting Landscape date 19th century

landscape   backside   macro   previous intervention

fig.1 Landscape , general photo .


fig.2. The backside of the painting.One can see the previous restoration

treatment, a patch has been applied, htere is a tear in the canvas.


fig.3 Detail from the backside of the painting.Dirt and different types

of pollution.


fig4. Macro photo. Backside of the painting with the old

canvas patch applied with wax-resin mixture.



fig.5 Detail with the signature and the year,

down right corner of the painting.


uv light

fig.6 Photo taken in UV light. The dark blue colour show the presents

of over paintings, in the area of the sky as well as in some other parts.



fig.7 Detail , photo taken in UV-light, over paintings in the sky and

around the mosque.


macro face

fig.8 Macro photo, presenting the intensive

craquelures in the ground and paint layer..