The photos of the icon st. Nicolas present the final stage of the restoration work - the aesthetical re-integration of the missing paint layer.

Restoration of icon st.Nicolas from 19th century, Russian school, dimensions
47 x 31 x 2,8 cm.
st.Nikolas applying the gesso fillings   face before retouch   detail before retouch   Medalion with Virgin Mary

fig1. Icon with applied gesso fillings in the area

with missing original ground and paint layer


fig. 2. Detail with the face of the st .Nicolas

before retouch.


fig.3 Detail, bottom right part of the icon

presenting the blessing hand.


fig.4 Detail from the medallion presenting

the figure of Virgin Mary, before retouch


The icon after retouch

fig.5 The icon after retouch.

Retouch were made in imitative

technique with pigments and varnish.


the face of st.Nicolas after retouch

fig.6 Detail, presenting the face of

st .Nicolas.


detail after retouch

fig.7 The down bottom side of the icon,

after retouch.


medalion with Virgin mary after retouch

fig.8 Medallion with Virgin Mary

after retouch.