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Professional restoration experience:

April – July 2007Restorer in the Restoration Laboratory in The National Art Gallery Sofia. Participation in the restoration of three major exhibitions: Vera Lukova, Nenko Balkanski, Dimitar Zograph.

July-October 2005 - «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers» Turkey. Participation in the project for Restoration of the Despotic icons from the iconostasis of the Rum Orthodox Church st. Dimitrios Ksiloporta, Balat – Istanbul, Turkey. Restoration of Greek icons from 19th century.

21March 2005 – 30 April 2005 - «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers» Turkey, UNESCO Uzbekistan and The State Museum of Art of the Republic of Karakalpakstan – “Igor Savitsky” – Workshop for restoration of 35 paintings of Russian and Uzbek Avant Garde painters from the early 20th century. Participation in the training program for restoration of the museum painting collection. Restoration of 20 oil paintings from Uzbek and Russian Avant Garde painters.

January 2005-March 2005 –  «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers»Turkey. Participation in the project for Restoration of the interior in the Church St. Nicolas, Heybeliada Island, Istanbul, Turkey. Restoration of icons and polychrome furniture.

January 2004 - April 2004 - «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers»Turkey – Conservation and Restoration of the Icon collection in the Ecumenical Patriarchate Istanbul, work on post-Byzantine and Russian icons from 17th-19th century.

02-13 September 2003-«Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers »Turkey in collaboration with Institute for protection of the monuments of culture, natural rarities, Museum
and Gallery Bitola, FYRMacedonia. Workshop for Conservation and Restoration of icons and training program for students, in the church St. Petka, Malovishta,
FYR Macedonia.

May 2003-June 2003-«Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers » Paris –
Restoration of Roman floor mosaic - 3rd - 4th century and transfer on new support.

January 2003 - April 2003 - «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers» Turkey - Conservation and Restoration of the Icon collection in the Ecumenical Patriarchate Istanbul, work on post-Byzantine icons from 16th-17th century.

November 2002 - December 2002 - «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers» Turkey - Participation in the Restoration of the AKBANK collection of paintings.

June 2002 - November 2002 «Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers” Turkey and The Greek Consulate Istanbul.  Project for restoration a Set of 21 Rococo style gilded furniture from late 19th century, Restoration and reconstruction of the wood curving and re gilding.

May 2002-June 2002 « Restaurateurs Sans Frontiers » – Turkey and Sabanci University Istanbul. Participation in the Restoration of the collection of paintings of the Sakip Sabanc? Museum, Istanbul, Restoration of paintings from Turkish well-known painters, from the early 20th centuries, mainly executing retouching.

December2001- May 2002 – Antique house “ Zlatorog”, Sofia
Consultant for selling of an antique objects – Baroque and Rococo furniture, old books and postcards, paintings and icons, porcelain figures. Restorer of a fine art works.


2009 Ph.Dr.

December 2004 - 2009 PhD student in The National Academy of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts; Department of Restoration.
Thesis: Over paintings in post-Byzantine icons. Restoration and Ethical Issues.

June 2000 - MA in Restoration, The National Academy of Fine Arts,
Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Restoration 
Qualification: Artist – Restorer.


English (reading, writing, oral - excellent)
Russian (reading, writing, oral – good)
German (reading, writing, oral – basic)          
Bulgarian (native)