Actual information

Част от Доклада на Геологическия институт за косеизмичните геоложки ефекти на Пернишкото земетресение от 22 май 2012 на български

Localities of observed ground cracks related to the Pernik Mw 5.6 earthquake, May 22, 2012
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Lab info

The lab has been founded as a separate department in the Geological Institute in order to provide earthquake geology study in Bulgaria. Active faults are studied by wide variety of approaches of geology, geophysics, and geomorphology. The lab composes regional sesmotectonic models based on neothectonic and Holocene evolution. In the last years, the lab performs studies in the field of paleoseismology including study on earthquake records in caves. The lab estimates parameters of active faults for the purposes of seismic hazard assessment.
In addition to the main activities, we explore subsurface structure and soil by resistivity and IP measurements along with by hand boring.

Head of the Department

Assoc.Prof. Marlena Yaneva, Ph.D.

Scientific fields

Co-operation in all fields of seismotectonics and neotectonics; services rendered in all aspects of seismic zonation, neotectonic and seismotectonic evaluation of seismic hazard, etc.

Last Update: May 31, 2012

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