Rhodope Geodynamic Hazards,
Late Alpine tectonics and Neotectonics

International Conference - May 2001

Photogallery Vlahina

*Rila Monastery Founded in the 10th Century by St. Ivan Rilski. Centre of the Bulgarian spiritual life during ten centuries. Oldest preserved building is the Hrelyu Tower (1335). The present buildings were constructed after several big fires, in 1834-1837 during the Bulgarian National Revival.
      Ograzhdenian Supergroup
    Polymetamorphic and polydeformational rocks of the Troskovo Group, Ograzhdenian Supergroup
 In this outcrop (hardly accessible, in the river Chetirska reka) the following sequence of events is represented: (1) amphibolite -facies metamorphism and migmatization; (2) metasomatic quartz- oligoclase-garnet veins along faults; (3) low-T quartz veins along faults; (4) dolerite dykes; (5) amphibolite-facies metamorphism transforming dolerites into amphibolites
*Contact of Frolosh Formation over the Ograzhdenian Supergroup, Telkidolski dol  From left to right: Ograzhdenian migmatites thrust towards NE (right) over greenschist-facies pre-Ordovician Frolosh Formation that builds a tight recumbent syncline; the Frolosh Formation covers with a sharp contact the Ograzhdenian migmatites, a superimposed schistosity and diaphthoresis in the latter being the effect of the progressive greenschist metamorphism in the Frolosh Formation.
*Superimposed schistosity in Ograzhdenian migmatites, river Telkidolski dolDetail from the Ograzhdenian migmatites from the basement of Frolosh Formation. Diaphthoresis and deformation along superimposed schistosity transformed the migmatite into porphyroclastic "Augen" blastomylonite.

   * Localities included in the field trip marked with asterisk

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