Rhodope Geodynamic Hazards,
Late Alpine tectonics and Neotectonics

International Conference - May 2001

Photogallery Ograzhden and Pirin

      Peak Vihren (2915 m), Pirin Mts.
 The peak Vihren is built up of marbles of the Dobrostan Formation (Rhodopian Supergroup; Precambrian) intruded by the Late Cretaceous (not visible) and the Palaeogene Central-Pirin granite pluton (foreground, lower half of photograph)
      Panorama of the Kroupnik fault
 The panorama taken from the village of Kroupnik shows the Kresna horst (part of the Pirin horst; dark background) separated from the Neogene of the Simitli graben by the Kroupnik normal fault (seat of the Kroupnik earthquake, M ~ 7.8; 1904)
     Panorama of West-Pirin fault zone
 The panorama shows the Sinanitsa part (marbles of Dobrostan Formation) of the Pirin horst and the Neogene of the Sandanski graben. Peneplain, mountain steps. At the foreground - metamorphics from the eastern part of the Ograzhden horst (next photo).
Ograzhdenian polymetamorphics, near Mikrevo
 Near Mikrevo (observation point for panorama above), tourmaline-bearing biotite schists and gneisses of the Ograzhdenian Supergroup are cross-cut by tourmaline- and garnet-bearing pegmatites.  All rocks underwent a new deformation event in amphibolite-facies conditions that transformed pegmatites and aplites in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses.
   Contact of Teshovo pluton, Popovi livadi
 Road cut at Popovi livadi (second part of field trip): contact and apophyses of the Palaeogene Teshovo granite pluton intrude the Precambrian marbles of the Dobrostan Formation.
  Folded migmatites near Polena
 The road cut between the villages of Polena and Kadiytsa exposes intensely folded (3 synmigmatic phases) of gneisses, amphibolites and marbles of the Chepelare Formation,. Rhodopian Supergroup. They are cross-cut by dykes and the main stock of the Palaeozoic? Kroupnik granite pluton.
Migmatite cut by Kroupnik granite
 Apophysis from the Kroupnik granite (with thin chilled margin) cutting anatectic migmatites of the Chepelare Formation. Northern entrance of the Kresna Gorge.

    All localities shown will be visited during the field trip (except for the peak Vihren)

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