Rhodope Geodynamic Hazards,
Late Alpine tectonics and Neotectonics

International Conference - May 2001

Field trip interary
General Information
November 2001
Tectonics of SW Bulgaria
Tectonics of SW Bulgaria: general idea
Tectonic map of the Krayshte
Structure of the Krayshte area
Principal tectonic units of the Late Jurassic
Late Jurassic geology
of Southwest Bulgaria
Map of the Padala graben
Padala Graben (NW Rila Mountain)
and the Djerman Detachment Hoax
Tectonics of the Pirin horst
Tectonics of the Pirin horst
West-Pirin fault
Neogene low-angle normal faults
in the Sandanski graben
Simitli graben
Geological Hazard in the
Simitli graben
Seismotectonics in SW Bulgaria
Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard
in SW Bulgaria
Photo galleries
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