These are the raw facts, parameters and numbers from the 12 year Plankton program. Julia and Doncho wrote three wonderful books about their expeditions: “With Dju Across the Atlantic”, “With Dju Across the Pacific”, and “With Yana Around the World”. Later Doncho Papazov published his book “The Impossible Way” in which he described his lonely trip around the world in 1988 on Yaht "Tivia".
Unfortunately, Julia Gourkovska is no longer with us.
She passed away on 04.12.2001 at 56. After the Plankton expeditions she became the chief of staff of President Zhelev, and after 1996 she worked as program director at the Center for Liberal Strategies. Doncho Papazov was also involved in the social life of the country after the expeditions. He has taken active part in all parliamentary elections since 1989. He is a member of the Democratic Party and a former MP from the 36th National Assembly. Their daughter Yana Papazova is a program coordinator at the Center for Liberal Strategies. It is difficult and almost impossible in such a short text to convey the extraordinary atmosphere and rich experiences of this “ocean duet”. The author would like to apologize in advance to all of you who visit this site for the brevity of this description.

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