Plankton II, Boat Dju III (lifeboat)
25.5 - 20 .06. 1972 Varna - Sochi 26 days, crossing the Black Sea
Julia and Doncho Papazov

This is the second experiment of the program. Julia and Doncho Papazov took part in it. This time the program made use of a conventional lifeboat. The goal of the expedition was to cross the Black Sea from Varna to Sochi. They sailed or rowed to reach their end goal. The nutrient regime consisted of 50% plankton consumption. The participants in the expedition keep close chronometrical watch of their activities. The results show that the daily intake of about 150 grams of plankton has prevented the expected body fatigue of the participants. This was also the first crossing of the Black Sea in a vessel of such type - conventional shipping lifeboat with canopy.

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