Plankton I, boat Dju II (conventional dinghy)
20.07 - 03.08 1970 15 days Sozopol - The Bay of Bourgas
Doncho Papazov August - September

This was the first experiment under the program. The only participant was Doncho Papazov. The monitoring team consisted of P.Penchev MD from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Kilievich MD from the Helath Service in Sozopol and S. Peev and Dimitar Ezekiev from the Orbita daily. Doncho Papazov spent 15 days in a simple fishing boat east of the Sozopol coastline. He only ate plankton. The general conclusions based on the analysis of results are that it certain dozes of plankton, and zooplankton in particular, are harmless for the human organism. Plankton can facilitate adaptation of the human organism to limited intake of food without being a full substitute of food.

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