Projects funded by EU, NATO, IUGS Programmes:

  • IGCP Project 469 “Late Variscan biotas and palaeoenvironments” -
    Participant: T. Dimitrova
  • IGCP Project 497 “The Rheic Ocean: Its Origin, Evolution and Correlatives” -
    Participants: I. Lakova, I. Boncheva, V. Sachanski
  • IGCP Project 499 “Devonian land and Sea Interaction: Evolution of Ecosystems and Climate (DEVEC) -
    Participants: I. Boncheva, V. Sachanski, I. Lakova

    Projects funded through collaboration between Academies and foreign institutions

  • Joint project between BAS, Serbian AS and University of Belgrade “Transborder stratigraphic correlations in Western Stara Planina Mts between East Serbia and West Bulgaria” (2007-2010).
    Coordinator: I. Lakova.
  • Joint project between BAS and Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow “Taxonomy, ecology, chorology and biostratigraphy of fossil and extant Naviculales” (2009-2012) Coordinator: Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova
  • Joint project between BAS and Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest “Taxonomy and palaeolimnology of recent and fossil diatoms” (2010-2012) Coordinator: Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova

    Last update: 28 May 2011