Scientific projects granted by National Scientific Foundation:

  • Project NZ 1501/05: “Microfacies analysis of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous rocks in some bore holes in Northern Bulgaria for the aims of the paleogeography and oil, gas and geothermal waters prognosis. Correlation with the Paleozoic from the Romanian part of the Moesian tarrane and the terranes in NW Turkey”. Leader: S. Yanev; Participants: I. Boncheva, V. Sachanski, D. Ivanova, P. Andreeva;
  • Project NZ 1508/05: “Holoplanktonic gastropods from the Bulgarian Cenozoic (taxonomy, stratigraphical significance, palaeozoogeography and palaeoecology)”. Leader: P. Nikolov; Participant: A. Oleinik (USA);
  • Project NZ 1516/05: “Integrated biostratigraphy, T/R cycles and biodiversity dynamics in Oxfordian - Valanginian carbonate sequences in the Balkanides”. Leader: D. Ivanova; Participants: I. Lakova, E. Koleva-Rekalova, L. Metodiev;
  • Project NZ 1517/05: “Stratigraphical, structural and petrological problems of the relationships between low- and high-grade metamorphic rocks from Southeast Bulgaria”. Leader: I. Ivanov; Participants: E. Vasilev, L. Petrunova.
  • Project NZ-VU 1007/06: “Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous in Krayshte and part of West Srednogorie region”. Leader: M. Ivanov; Participants: K. Stoykova, S. Petrova, T. Sakalijska
  • Project DO 02-139/2008: “Diatom biodiversity on the Balkans - process, pattern and scale”
    Leader: Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova; Participants: Marlena Yaneva, Gabriel Nikolov
  • Project DO 02-283/2008: “Assessment and management of Dreissena spp. invasion in the Bulgarian water bodies”
    Leader: Ivan Pandurski; Participant: Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova
  • Joint Project NSF Bulgaria-Romania: Comparative palaeoecology and geoarcheology of the Varna lake (Bulgaria) and the Mamaia lake (Romania)
    Leader: Mariana Filipova, Natural History Museum, Participant: Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova

    Last update: 28 May 2011