Dr. Spartak Chochov

Associete Research Professor
Full name: Spartak Demostenov Chochov
Address: Geological Institute, Department of Paleontology,Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad.G.Bonchev-Str. Build. 24, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2)979 3470
Fax: (+359 2)8724 638

  • English Gymnasium (English college 1963 - 1967 ),
  • Sofia University - geology (master diplom in tectonics and structural geology 1967 - 1972),
  • Doctor of Phylosophy in marine geology 1982 (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ).
  • USA - 1 year in 1976 ( Woods Hole institution of Oceanography of MIT, Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University N.Y., Scrips Institute of Oceanography of South California University ),
  • Germany in 1984,
  • USSR.
    Main fields of geological activities:
    Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, Sedimentology, Marine Geology, Lythostratigraphy, Magma problems and Tectonic ones, Mineralogy of Clay minerals, X-ray diffraction analyses and it’s quantitative aspects, Neotectonics of the Balcans, Paleoarcheology of the region, Geochemistry of the Metallicerous muds ( sapropels ) of the Black sea bottom sediments, New Model for the Black sea sedimentation ( floods, balance of the mud and water geochemistry etc. ), Some theoretical aspects of the Future Geology.
    Personal data:
    Hight 187 cm, 58 years of age, Two children ( Spartak junior - 24 years and Mira - 22 years ), nearly four years in the sea ( about 15 cruises in the Black sea mainly as co-chief scientist and in the Atlantic ocean ).

    About 70 papers and two books

    Current news: The problem of the origin of the Pleistocene ice shields as compared with that given by Milankovich prooved the non Solar mechanism of the ice formation during the last 2 mln years. The same is valid for older ice periods. "Pleistocene" - proceedings of the institute 2001. The origin of the Black sea sapropels as a result of the Etna volcano activity is dominant result in the study of the metallicerous muds from the Black sea. The presence of high technology elements such as uranium, vanadium, molibdenum etc. are discussed prooving the Black sea as the "biggest" their "placer". The amounts are of realy civilizational rank. This is a pilot project for future detailed studies giving millions and more tones of this strata. This model and amounts of elements is the only one in balance caused by the origin of these elements at the time of their formation - 3500 years BP and the tributaries from almost all the continent. This is explained on more of 100 pages as proceedings of the institute 2006-2007 - "Mechanism of formation and distribution of the metallicerous recent muds in the Black sea."

    This information called "current news" has to be sited as Dr. S.Chochov personal comunication.
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    Some papers:

  • Chocov, S., E.Mandova, 1989. Quantitative distribution of suspended matter and some of its constituent elements along two profiles across the Bulgarian Black sea shelf - C.R.Acad.bulg.Sci., 42, 10; p. 79-82.
  • Chochov, S. 1992. Composition of the suspended matter from the Danube river at Novo selo ( Bulgaria ) ( 1987 - 1988 - Chernobil ) - C.R. Acad.bulg.Sci., 42, 10; p. 69-72.
  • Chochov, S. D. Solakov, 1988. Dynamics of suspended matter distribution in May 1987 along the Bulgarian sea shelf, - C.R.Acad.bulg.Sci., 41, 10; p. 89-92.
  • Chochov, S., S. Shanov, 1987. Holocene breccia from bottom sediments in the Western half of the Black sea - C.R.Acad.bulg.Sci., 40, 2; p. 71-74.
  • Чочов, С., 1987. Метансодержащие илы в Западной половине Черного моря - C.R.Acad.bulg.Sci., 40, 3; p. 81-84.
  • Чочов, С., 1990. Разпределение и произход на глинестите минерали от дълбокоморските утайки от Западната половина на Черно море, БАН, Сер.палеонт.,страт.,литол.; с.53 - 66.
  • Chochov, S., 1981. The role of the South ( Devil ) current for the formation of the clay sediments on the South Bulgarian Black sea shelf - Geolfgica balc., 11, 4; p. 27 - 55.
  • Shopov, V., S. Chochov, V. Georgiev, 1986. Lythostratigraphy of the Upper Quaternary sediments from the North-Western Black sea shelf between the parallels of the cape Emine and Danube river mouth - Geologica balc., 16, 6; p. 99-112.
  • Dekov, V., P. Gorbunova, S. Chochov, T. Gendler, O. Pilipschuk, 1993. Origin and distribution of Fe - montmorillonite in the metalliferous sediments from the axial zone of the East Pacific Rise ( 20 30 - 22 00 S ) - Geologica balc., 23, 6; p. 33 - 38.
  • Chochov, S., 1987. Black sea gypsum and bassanite in Holocene mud samples formed after they were sampled - C.R.Acad.bulg.Sci., 40, 9; p. 89 - 92.
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