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Field Trip

Stop 1 “Briz” Outcrop of the contact between Galata Formation (Karaganian) and Euxinograd Formation (Konkian)

Stop 2 “Aladzha Monastery” Aladzha Monastery is built into the sediments of Odartsi Formation (Bessarabian)

Stop 3 “Albena” Outcrops of Euxinograd Formation (Volhynian)

Stop 4 “Topola” The type-section of Topola Formation (Bessarabian-Chersonian) could be observed from the beach and up along the road

Stop 5 “Chirakman” Outcrop of Topola Formation (Bessarabian) in huge landslide block

Stop 6 “Bolata” Outcrop of Odartsi Formation (Bessarabian) with stromatolithes and terra rossa

Stop 7 “Kaliakra cape” Outcrop of Odartsi Formation (Bessarabian) and Karvuna formation (Chersonian)



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