Nikolai Dzhambazov - The Transatlantic Singlehanded Race

Plymouth - Newport
7 june - 11 luly 1980

Nikolai Djambazov was born on March 2, 1943 in Sofia.
From small beginning to be interested in everything connected with the sea. Involved in korabomodelizam, practicing swimming and later became an instructor in marine sports. His first voyage at sea is a catamaran "Atlas", which builds together with his friends.
In 1975, earning a placement course in Naval Academy "Nikola Vaptsarov as a sail training ship "Petar Beron". In 1973 Nikolai Djambazov starts to build own own yacht. For its prototype model has been used on a boat "Skampi, which was modified by drawings of Koko. Construction completed in 1979 was named yacht called "Tangra" by Mirjana Basheva poet. Rangel Vulchanov director shoots documentary "loner" for its construction.

Sea World magazine April 2005

Photo's (from tis book "Tangra in the ocean" ph."Military" 1984)

On 7 June 2010. is celebrating 30 years of successful participation in the regatta kap.Nikolay Djambazov "Ostar-80".

On 2 March 2013. Captain Nikolai Djambazov turns '70 Happy birthday!

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