Nikolai Dzhambazov and its singlehanded circumnavigation
of the World by wey of cape Horn (1983-1985)

On 2 March 2013 Captain Nikolai Djambazov turns '70 Happy birthday!

The Transatlantic Singlehanded Race
OSTAR ' 80
( june-july 1980 )

of the World

by wey of cape Horn

A memory at the end of the century
"The man mus not the dust, The man can be the destroyed"

Busy in everyday life, with the changes at the end of the century,let us remember an event that happened 15 years ago.The press just mentioned about it, in several lines, as it did about "Apollo"flights to the moon. It has been written much about our inherent nihilism and proneness to forget each Bulgarian accomplishment,which does not comply with the interests of the rulers and that is how we come to praise mediocre things that please them. Unfortunately we are people who find difficulty in learning from their own mistakes and constantly repeat them. We ourselves create great difficulties in order to overcome them with great efforts and pride later on.This is considered to be part of Bulgarian mentality. My aim here is to present on Internet one Bulgarian accomplishment which goes beyond our traditional accomplishments and records.
15 years ago a Bulgarian man pursued his dream and did the impossible by sailing on his own with a self-made yacht round cape "Horn" , stopping only one.
To many people the name of captain Nikolay Dzambasov is unknown which is quite natural having in mind that 15 years ago everything possible was done so that this incredible accomplishment should not have come to be known by the public. At the end of the century it is good to contemplate on long forgotten events which are so necessary in the transition period and can give us the needed self-confidence of being Europeans and citizens of the world. And this self-confidence is not accidental for the accomplishments of such Bulgarians as Nikolay Dzambasov long outrun what has been done by people from countries which have centuries of tradition in this sphere and dispose of the necessary equipment, organization and the support of their nations and governments. It is not necessary to describe in details the accomplishment itself but I will mention some points that make it unique:
Yacht "Tangra": The length: 11 m.(self-made)
Skipper: Nikolay Dzambasov (crew of 2 men to Algeria and Las Palmas)
Finances and organization: Own funds about 700 $; and other equipment with own funds, symbolic support of Studio "Vreme"("Time"Bulgarian TV) - non-paid business trip, Holiday from the Bulgarian Marine Navy (for 2 years); Some amount free donations by friends and well-wishers, Serious radio amateurs support,
Navigation equipment: Classical, without electronic means.,
First crossing: Sozopol(Bulgaria)-Las Palmas
(September 1st-October 27th 1983)
Second crossing: Las Palmas-Sydney
(October 31st 1983-March 1st 1984) Beginning of the world tour
Third crossing: Sydney-Cape Horn-Las Palmas
(January 1st-May 12th 1985) End of the world tour
Forth crossing: Las Palmas-Sozopol(Bulgaia)
(May 12th - July 25th 1985).
These are the facts. More presentation is not necessary. I finish with some thoughts of Nikolay Dzambasov from his book "Black Sheep" ("Petrikov Publishing House",1994):

"The lonely voyager should menage with all arising situations. For some people it may sound as a joke, but it is impossible that one lonely voyager could not build yachts. It is obligatory. This is a warranty that you will menage with all conditions. And when all these qualities as will, skill, professional, succession and psychical resistance are present one can achieve all at which the man is rushing".

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