Nikolai Dzhambazov - First Bulgarien (one stop) singlehanded circumnavigation
of the World by wey of cape "Horn"

01.09.1983 - 25.07.1985

Honestly, anyone who wants to sail by yacht at 40th latitude is a fool, and I new that before to go.
On the other hand, this sailing was one of the biggest trials, that life could offers me and I could felt unsatisfied, if I didnít go for it.

Sir Francis Chichester - Gipsy Moth IV aroud the World

"He passed Cape Horn under sail has the right to stand and sit with hat in the presence of the Queen" - so reads an old tradition from the time of sailing ships and pirates ...

Photo's from its book "Black sheep" , Publishing House "Petrikov" 1994 ,Bulgaria

On September 1, 2013 marks 30 years since the start of the lonely tour of the world of Captain Nicholai Djambazov (1983-1985)

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