Department Projects:

Former projects

  • Hazardous slope processes connected with fault structures, NZ-1316, 2003-2007.
  • 3D monitoring of active tectonic structures, COST Action 625, 2000-2006.
  • National Program 2007-2015 for landslide hazard mitigation, protection of Danube River Bank and Black Sea Coast from erosional processes, and protection of the infrastructure and the urban areas from landslide proceses.
  • Assessment of the landslide activity in the East Rhodope Mountain on the environment
  • Geotechnical monitoring on the landslide Ezerishte, Svoge Town
  • Assessment of the geological hazards along the transite gas pipeline to Greece, section Dupnitsa - Mechkul
  • Instrumental monitoring of the cracks affecting the stability of Madara Horseman bas-relief
  • Project MIS-ETC Code: 641 "Marinegeohazard"
  • Project MIS-ETC Code: 350 "Robunaz-Dun"

    Current projects

  • Monitoring and prognosis of geological hazard processe, Bilateral agreement of BAS and Czech Acad. Sci.
  • Active deformation in mountain front of the central seismic gap region in Garhwal Himalaya
  • Hydrogeological studies in Ellatsite Copper Mine. Part: Engineering Geological Assessment of the Open Pit Mine
  • Complex Research of Earthquake’s Forecasting Possibilities, Seismicity and Climate Change Correlations, BlackSeaHazNet, 7FP Marie Curie Actions 246874
  • "Set-up and implementation of key core components of a regional early-warning system for marine geohazards of risk to the Romanian-Bulgarian Black Sea coastal area", MARINEGEOHAZARD

    Last update: 7 January 2013