Cherno more project (Bourgas Municipality, SE Bulgaria)

   Coordinator for Geological Institute: Dr. Klara Bojadgieva

Cherno more project (Bourgas Municipality, SE Bulgaria)

“9 IX “mine (abandoned)

Cherno more mines (Brigadir, Blagoev and 9 IX.) were abandoned in the period 1972-1988 after more than 50 years of exploitation.


"Cherno more-2" mine (in operation)

Geological Institute contribution

Hydrogeological data

  • Five confined aquifers of thickness from 1 to 12 m are revealed.
  • Piezometric level is about 1 m below the surface.
  • Mine water temperature is 15-16 C.
  • Expected groundwater flow rate is upto 70 l/s.
  • Hydraulic conductivity is within the range of 0.22 - 8.60 m/d.
  • Specific discharge varies from 0.05 to 0.10 dm3/s.m
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) is above 1 g/l.

  • Assessment of exploitation

    Assessment of geothermal heat exploitation from mine water for the use of heating buildings

    Energy, Sustainable urban plan, Business case and Implementation plan would be carried out together with Bourgas Municipality.

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