Apparatus for field testing

  • Drillling machine 2.5 A
  • Drilling machine 50
  • Small drilling machine installed on tractor;
  • Drilling machine for construction of "root" pils;
  • Light dynamic penetrometer;
  • Device for Standard penetration test (SPT);
  • Device for plate tests "Viatest";
  • Precise geodetic level KONI 007 for measurements of buildings deformation

    Laboratory equipment

  • Apparatus for compression test - loess collapsibility, settlements, oedometric modules;
  • Apparatus for shear strength - cohesion and internal friction angle;
  • Apparatus for determining the classification parameters - particle size distribution, Atterberg limits;
  • Apparatus for determining the physical parameters.

    Machinery and Transport

  • Compressor, generator, electric welding machine , drilling machines, concrete breaker, pneumatic hammer;
  • Light trucks - Mitsubishi, UAZ, Jeep Lada and auto workshop.
  • Licensed soil mechanics laboratory;

    Last update: 23 March 2011