Applied research and interests:

  • Further geological studies of Belene, GE-NEC 1999-2000, guided geomorphological and geological studies in the Bulgarian and Romanian section;
  • Utilization of underground space in loess "project Gi - Company ABC - AD, 1997-20001, the actor;
  • Complex Analysis and feasibility of the possibility of long-term storage of conditioned radioactive waste on or near the site of the NPP Kozloduy Gi-NEC, lead geomorphological and geological studies;
  • Project to strengthen the backfilling of the TV Tower Ruse, director;
  • Manages and participates in numerous engineering reports (over 90) to study the sites and land for construction;
  • Manages and participates in many tasks for research, design and strengthening of deformed buildings.
  • Research has led to two PhD students - in "Regional Geology and Engineering Geology.

    Professional and scientific interests:

  • Quaternary and Pliocene - lithology, bio-, climate-and paleomagnetic stratigraphy;
  • geomorphology - surfaces, levels, terraces;
  • Neotectonics - evaluation of movements of the crust and the presence of active faults during the Quaternary;
  • Engineering geology and geotechnics - a study of land and sites, engineering districts, strengthening of deformed buildings.

    Last update: 23.03.2011