Participation and membership:

Participation in national projects:

  • Palaeogeographic development of Northeastern Bulgaria and its impact on the formation of the properties of the loess complex, project of the Geotechnical laboratory, 1990-1992, Project manager;
  • Comparative ecostratigraphic investigation in Quaternary continental sediments and sediments from Black sea shelf, project อว-222/92, 1992-1995, participant;
  • Palaeoclimatic reconstruction over the last 800 thousand years by palaeomagnetic investigation in Bulgarian loess sediments, project อว-411/94, 1995-1996, participant;
  • Stratigraphy of the Quaternary of the loess area in North Bulgaria, project อว-630/96, 1996-1998, Project manager;
  • Investigations on use of the underground in loess, project อว - 705/97, 1997-2000, participant;
  • Technogenically moistened loess - mechanical behavior and improvement methods, project อว-13/94, 1995-1996, participant.

    Participation in international projects:

  • Stratigraphy, geochronology and correlation of loess formations and Villafrancian in Northern Bulgaria and Southern Poland, 1996-1998, the bilateral cooperation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences -BAS an Polish Academy of Sciences - PAN, Project Manager "
  • Comparison of climatostratygraphic record of Quaternary sediments from selected localites (sites) in North Bulgaria and South Poland., project of bilateral cooperation between BAS-PAS 1999-2001, Project manager;
  • Stratigraphic drilling research on Romanian territory, Contract between GI-BAS and the Romanian Geological Institute - Bucharest, in connection with the construction of Belene NPP, 1999-2000;.
  • Palaeoenviromental and Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction, Geophysical Centre of Royal-Meteorological Institute Belgium, Geophysical Institute BAS, project 1-12, 1996-1997, participant from the Geological Institute;
  • Harmonization of the Seismic Hazard and Risk reduction in Countries Influenced by Vrancea Earthquakes, 2005-2006, NATO, participant from the Geological Institute.


  • Bulgarian Geological Society;
  • Bulgarian and International (ISSMGE) Society for Soil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering;
  • Bulgarian Society for Engineering Geology;
  • Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design, full design capacity, Department of Mining and Geology;
  • Scientific Council on Geological Institute.

    Last update: 24.03.2011