Laboratory for Geocollections

Head of the Laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Lubomir Metodiev , Ph.D.
Phones: (+03592) 979 22 53; (+0359 2) 979 2276
Assoc. Prof. Lubomir Metodiev, Ph.D. (responsible for the collections of macrofossils)
Assistant Konstantin Uzunov, Ph.D.
Geologist Tzvetanka Videnova (responsible for the collections of microfossils)
Geologist Petya Zavishlyak (responsible for the collections of sedimentary rocks) (leader of web activities)
Curator Daniela Nedkova (responsible for the fund of the Laboratory for Geocollections)

Objectives and activities:
The geocollections of the Geological Institute consist of samples of minerals, rocks and fossils that have been collected mainly from localities, mines and boreholes in Bulgaria. They are organized in the Laboratory for Geocollections according to the state of knowledge of the samples. All materials housed are differentiated in two main funds: basic and interchangeable. The basic fund includes scientific geocollections and geocollections of unique and representative samples which are of a high scientific value. It is composed of published and unpublished samples, which can be used for reference by scientists interested in different fields of the geological sciences. The interchangeable fund consists of samples of inadequate knowledge, which can be exchanged with other museum institutions. At the present, the basic fund of the Laboratory for Geocollections consists of 111 geocollections of more than 5 600 samples of minerals, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, macro- and microfossils, which are organized in four subgroups: These geocollections are designated with full bibliography, as well as several letter-numerical abbreviations that mean: F - macrofossils, MF - microfossils, M - minerals, MR - igneous rocks, MER - metamorphic rocks, SR - sedimentary rocks. This page contains a list of the geocollections from the basic fund, arranged according to the year of the publication (1st subgroup) or to the order of the deposition at the Laboratory for Geocollections (2nd, 3rd and 4th subgroup). The access to the monographic geocollections for revisions or new investigations is given with the priority to their-own researchers. Additional studies by other scientists are also possible on condition that the authors of the publications, corresponding to the monographic collections, are informed in advance. For further information please call or send an e-mail to the Head of the Laboratory for Geocollections.
Scientific fields:
  • Jurassic biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy; taxonomy and palaeogeography of the Lower and Middle Jurassic ammonites (Res.Assoc. Lubomir Metodiev , Ph.D.).
  • Petrology of metamorphic rocks (Geologist Milan Ichev, Ph.D.)
  • Ore Mineralogy and mineral-forming processes (Res.Assoc. Dimitrina Dimitrova).
    Main scientific projects:
    Projects granted by National Scientific Foundation
  • NZ 1005/00: Ammonite stratigraphy of the Toarcian and Aalenian in the Stara Planina Mts and Fore Balkan and correlation with the ammonite zonal standard in the NW Europe - Leader: Prof. Dr.Sci. Ivo Sapunov.
    Projects funded by EU Programmes
  • Integrated stratigraphy of the Toarcian in one key section of the Ponor - Gradets Lower Jurassic Strip (Western Balkan Mts., Bulgaria) - EU-project Paleostudies Contract No. HPRI-CT-2001-00124 - Lubomir Metodiev.
  • Geochemistry of the Upper Pliensbachian - Lower Bajocian transition in two marl-limestone rhythmic successions from the Western Balkan Mts., Bulgaria - chemostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental evolution EU-project Paleostudies Contract No. HPRI-CT-2001-00124 - Lubomir Metodiev.
    Possibilities for co-operation:
    all aspects of the arrangement of geocollections; services rendered in the available geocollections of the Geological Institute, as well as in the scientific fields mentionedBasic Fund of the Laboratory for Geocollections

    Scientific geocollections:

  • 1st subgroup scientific geocollections (published monographic geocollections)
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  • 2nd subgroup scientific geocollections (unpublished monographic geocollections)
    MR.MER.SR.2 1994.1 Chrischev, Ch. et al. 1994. Theoretical basements of the ecological moulding of water-repositories (Sedimentary-geochemical model of the Iskar dam lake). - Report, National Scientific Foundation, Geofund GI; 348 pp. (in Bulgarian).
    MER.2.2001.1 Ichev, M. 2001. Lateral lithofacial variavility in Precambrian volcanogenic-sediment formations from the Central Rhodope. Unpublished PhD Thesis; 174 pp. (in Bulgarian).

  • 3rd subgroup scientific geocollections (personal geocollections)
    SR.3.1 Boyanov, I. (semisedimentary rocks from the Ivaylovgrad area, SE Bulgaria).
    F.SR.3.2 Sapunov, I., P. Tchoumatchenko (cores from the Jurassic of several boreholes in N Bulgaria).
    SR.3.3 Koleva-Rekalova, E. (sedimentary rocks of the Neogene from two boreholes in NE Bulgaria).
    F.3.4 Malyakov, Y. (Upper Cretaceous Echinoderms form the Mezdra Formation at the village of Chelopek, Vratsa District).
    F.3.5 Metodiev, L. (Middle Jurassic ammonites form three classical deposits: the condensed Bathonian in the locality on the road Belogradchik - Gara Oreshets and Desivichki dol - Vidin District), and the Callovian near the village of Strazha, Targovishte District).
    F.3.6 Tenchov, Y. (Carboniferous fossil flora from several borehole type-sections in the Dobrudja Basin, NE Bulgaria).
    F.SR.F.3.7 Metodiev, L. (samples and thin-sections of sedimentary rocks and fossils from the Toarcian and Aalenian in the section “Golyam Zhidov Dol”, Troyanska Planina Mt, Central Balkan Mts).
    F.3.8 Chatalov, G. (samples and thin-sections of sedimentary rocks from the Triassic of the Teteven and Troyan area, Sveti Ilija Heights, Strandja and Sakar Mts).
    F.3.9 Tenchov, Y. (Carboniferous fossil flora from several borehole sections in the Dobrudja Basin, NE Bulgaria).
    M.3.10 Dimitrova, D., T. Kerestejian (rocks and mineral aggregates from the Svishti Plaz deposit, Central Balkan Mts).
    M.F.3.11 Metodiev, L. (Bathonian ammonites from the locality on the road Belogradchik - Gara Oreshets, Vidin District).
    F.3.12 Tenchov, Y. (Carboniferous fossil flora from several borehole sections in the Dobrudja Basin, NE Bulgaria).

  • 4th subgroup scientific geocollections (foreign geocollections)
    F.4.1 Jurassic ammonites from the United Kingdom (a donation from Dr. Oates, British Gas).

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