Head of the Department:

Assoc.Prof. Irena Peytcheva, Ph.D.

Scientific staff:

General address to all staff!

Assoc.Prof. Irena Peytcheva, Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof. Mariana Yossifova, Ph.D.

Assistant Prof. Mitko Popov, Ph.D.
Assistant Prof. Rositza Ivanova, Ph.D.
Assistant Prof. Alexsander Hadzhiev
Assistant Prof. Atanas Hikov
Assistant Prof. Alexander Vlahov
Assistant Stoyan Georgiev

Ms. Milan Ichev Ph.D.
Ms. Raya Raycheva Ph.D Student (leader of web activities)
Ms. Julia Statelova Ph.D Student, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”,since 2003
Ms. Kamelia Nedkova Ph.D Student
Ms. Valentin Grozdev Ph.D Student
Ms. Petyo Filipov Ph.D Student
Ms. Nadezhda Velinova

List of the professors:

Prof. Ivan Velinov, D.Sc.,Corresp.Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (deceased 2008)
Prof. Peter Marchev, D.Sc. (retired sinsce March,2011)
Prof. Angel Kounov, D.Sc.(retired sinsce 2010)
Prof. Milko Kanazirski ,D.Sc. (retired)
Prof. Ivan Ivanov, D.Sc. (retired)
Prof. Dimitar Kozhuharov, Ph.D. deceased april 2005

In Memoriam

Other Res.Assoc. Prof.
Res.Assoc.Prof. Eugenia Kozhuharova, Ph.D. (retired)
Res.Assoc.Prof. Vassil Arnaudov, Ph.D.(retired)
Res.Assoc.Prof. Yotzo Yanev (retired since 2010)
Res.Assoc.Prof. Lilan Daieva, Ph.D. (retired since 2008)

Department info:
Scientific projects:
Possibilities for scientific co-operation:
Geochemistry and petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks; Geochemistry of trace elements in granitoids and metamorphic rocks; Mineralogy and geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks; Geochemistry of lead, strontium and neodymium isotopes in igneous and metamorphic rocks, Radiogeochronology; Geochemistry of elements in technogenic landscapes; Petrography, mineralogy and chemical composition of the coals
Petrology Journal

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