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Dr. Alexander Radulov

Associate Professor Ph.D.

1113 Sofia
24 Acad. G. Bonchev Str.
Geological Institute
Laboratory of Seismotectonics
Office Telephone: ++359 2 979 2273
Fax: ++359 2 724638

Main fields of geological interests and research activities

Active tectonics, Earthquake geology, Quaternary geology and karst.


Short summary of the Ph.D. thesis

Positions held

Membership in committees and societies

Bulgarian Geological Society



Radulov, A., A. Mitev. 2008. Holocene fault activity along the northern branch of the Maritsa fault zone, in National Conference Geosciences 2008, Bulgarian Geological Society, 75-76.
full text


Radulov, A. 2007. Active faults in the Plovdiv Depression and their long-term slip rate. - Geologica Balcanica, 36, 3-4, 51-56.
full text

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Sanz de Galdeano, C., Shanov, S., Galindo-Zaldivar, J., Radulov, A., and Nikolov, G. 2006. Neotectonics in the Tabernas Desert (Almeria, Betic Cordilleras, Spain), in Proceedings of the National Conference Geosciences 2006, November 30 - December 1, 2006, Sofia, Bulgarian Geological Society, p. 75-78.
full text

Radulov, A., Sanz de Galdeano, C., Yaneva, Y., Azanon, J.M., Galindo-Zaldivar, J., and Shanov, S. 2006. Quaternary faulting in Garanada basin, Southern Spain, in Proceedings of the National Conference Geosciences 2006, November 30 - December 1, 2006, Sofia, Bulgarian Geological Society, p. 67-70.
full text

Radulov, A., Vanneste, K., Verbeeck, K., Yaneva, M., Petermans, T., Camelbeeck, T., and Shanov, S., 2006, Paleoearthquake correlation in three trenches along Orizovo - Chirpan active fault segment, in Proceedings of the National Conference Geosciences 2006, November 30 - December 1, 2006, Sofia, Bulgarian Geological Society, p. 71-74.
full text

Radulov, A., and Yaneva, Y. 2006. Rupture model in a relay ramp - Chirpan Fault, Southern Bulgaria. - Comptes Rendus de l'Academie Bulgare des Sciences, 59, 7, 759-766.
full text

Radulov, A. 2006. Quaternary deposits in Orlova Chuka Cave, NE Bulgaria, in Proceedings of the Climate Change: The Karst Record (IV), Baile Herculane, Romania, Special Publication Archives of Climate Change in Karst, 10, Karst Waters Institute, p. 41-44.
full text

Vanneste, K., A. Radulov, P. De Martini, G. Nikolov, T. Petermans, K. Verbeeck, T. Camelbeeck, D. Pantosti, 27 D. Dimitrov, and S. Shanov. 2006. Paleoseismologic investigation of the fault rupture of the 14 April 1928 Chirpan earthquake 28 (M 6.8), southern Bulgaria, Journal Geophysical Research, 111, B01303, doi:10.1029/2005JB003814.


Radulov A., K. Vanneste, K. Verbeeck, S. Shanov, T. Camelbeeck, M. Yaneva. 2004. Past seismisity of the fault activated during the April 18, 1928 earthquake according data from a trench near Popovitsa, Southern Bulgaria - Geology and mineral resources, 6, 13-20.
abstractfull text (in Bulgarian)

Vanneste K., A. Radulov, T. Camelbeeck, P. M. De Martini, G. Nikolov, D. Pantosti, T. Petermans, S. Shanov. 2004. Paleoseismological investigation of the fault rupture associated with the M 6.8 earthquake of April 14, 1928 near Chirpan, Southern Bulgaria. - Proceedings of 5th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Thessaloniki, Greece, 14-20 April 2004, 659-662.

Yaneva, M., A. Radulov, G. Nikolov, S. Shanov, T. Camelbeek, N. Nikolov, A. Mitev, K. Kostov, K. Vanneste, K. Verbeeck. 2004. Geological Records for Paleoseismicity of Popovitsa Fault in a Trench near Popovitsa, Southern Bulgaria. – Abstracts of the Annual Scientific Conference of the Bulgarian Geological Society, Sofia, 2004, 107-109.

Radulov, A., T. Camelbeeck, P.M. De Martini, G. Nikolov, D. Pantosti, T. Petermans, S. Shanov, K. Vanneste. 2004. Trenching evidence for three post-glacial surface-rupturing earthquakes preceding the 1928 rupture on Chirpan Faul, Sourthern Bulgaria – Absracts of 32nd IGC, Florence, 1214.

Vanneste, K., L. Siame, A. Radulov, K. Verbeek, G. Nikolov, T. Petermans, D. Dimitrov, A. Mitev, S. Shanov. 2004. Late Quaternary interaction of the Omourovo River and Chirpan Fault, Southern Bulgaria, from geomorphologic and geophysical data. – Absracts of 32nd IGC, Florence, 1455.

Radulov, A. 2004. Current state of active fault mapping in Bulgria. – Abstract in COST Action 625 “3-D monitoring of Active tectonic structures’, 9th WG1 “Active Tectonics” and 2nd TG “Maps of Active Faults”, Kortrijk/Gent, December 8-12, 2004.

Radulov, A., M. 2004. New data for surface rupture of the Chirpan earthquake on April 14, 1928 (Bulgaria) – Abstracts of 5th Asian Seismological Commission, General Assembly 2004, Symposium on Seismic Hazard Evaluation and Risk Reduction, October 18-21, 2004, Yerevan, Armeni.


Radulov, A., S. Shanov, G. Nikolov, T. Camelbeeck, K. Vanneste. 2003. Data on Holocene activity of Chirpan fault (South Bulgaria) from Cherna gora paleoseismological trench. - Proccedings of Annual Scientific Conference of Bulgarian Geological Society, Sofia, 64-66.

Shanov, S., A. Radulov, G. Nikolov. 2003. The importance of paleoseismology in the study of the seismic hazard in Bulgaria. - Minno Delo i Geologia Journal, 3, 22-27.

Perea H. et al. 2003. Paleoseismological data from a new trench across the El Camp Fault (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Iberian Peninsula). – Annals of Geophysics, 46, 5, 763-774.
abstractfull text


Radulov, A. 2002. Karst spring of Cherny Osum river - an alternative of Cherny Osum dam. - Geology and mineral resources, 5, 14-18. (in Bulgarian)
full text (in Bulgarian, English abstract)


Radulov, A., D. Jordanova. 2001. Late Pleistocene climatic record in clastic deposits from Orlova Chuka Cave. - Proceedings of National Conference "Environment and Cultural Heritage in Karst", 10-12/10/2000, Sofia, 9-14.


Radulov, A. 1999. Geological background for karst formation in upper valley of Cherny Osum river. - Proceedings of National Scientific Conference on Problems of Karst and Speleology, Speleoclub "Helictite", Sofia, 32-36. (in Bulgarian)


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