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Current projects

Trace element and isotope studies of rocks, soil, minerals, coal, waters and archeological artifacts by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS), RNF01/0006 (2008-2010), National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Prof. D.Sc. Peter Marchev

Assessment and prognosis for rehabilitation of the environment in heavy metal polluted areas in Bulgaria and application of these methods in similar areas in India (following the example of KCM – Plovdiv), DО1-239, (2007-2010), National Science Fund, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleksey Benderev

Environmental significance of trace-elements in the main ore minerals from the Central Rhodopian Pb-Zn deposits, World Federation of Scientists Scholar Program, 2009-2010, Leader: Dr. Rossitsa Vassileva

Metal transport and ore deposition: The geology, geochemistry and geodynamic setting of mineral resources in Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria,
SCOPES IZ73Z0-128089 Swiss National Fund, 2009-2011, Leader: Prof. Albrecht von Quadt

Chemistry and P-T of fluids trapped in co-genetic opaque ore and transparent gangue minerals: What are the real ore-precipitating fluids?.
European Science Foundation, 2010-2012, Leader: Dr. Kalin Kouzmanov

Recently completed projects

Mechanisms of concentration and remobilization of Platinum group elements during the metamorphism of chromite ores in ophiolitic complexes from SE Bulgaria. – inter-academic exchange program, Spain, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kerestedjian

Minerals of the Fe and PGE as genetic indicators for Bulgarian ultrabasites, internal contract with BAS, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kerestedjian

Metasomatic formation of secondary quartzites in Bulgaria, NZ-1405, National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Proof. D.Sc. Angel Kunov

Growth and dissolution features of sulphide crystals and their influence on the environment,
DО1-904, National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Assoc. Dr. Radostina Atanassova

Ore-forming and structural-textural features of ore aggregates of several gold and polymetallic hydrothermal mineral deposits, Inter-academic exchange program, project 32, Russia,
Leader: Res. Prof. D.Sc. Ivan K. Bonev

Au-Ag- telluride-selenide deposits in Europe, IGCP 486, (2003-2007),
Dr. Nigel Cook (Norway), Dr. Kari Kojonen (Finland)

Safe Management of Mining Waste and Waste Facilities
, contract No: 044126 (SAFEMANMIN), ERA-ENV, 6th Framework Programme, (2006-2007), Leader for Bulgarian team: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kerestedjian

Galena, the main component of the Bulgarian polymetallic ore deposits: Crystal growth, crystal chemistry, metallogenic and environmental aspects, NZ-1307, (2003-2007), National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Prof. D.Sc. Ivan K. Bonev

Pyrite in the mine waste materials as an important factor for  the environmental contamination: Mineralogical and chemical approaches, NZ-MU-1503, (2005-2007), National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Assoc. Dr. Radostina Atanassova

Geoecological assessment of the tailing impoundment waste as main pollutant for the environment (soil, water and vegetation) in the Chiprovtsi area, Northwestern Bulgaria, NZ-VU-04/05, (2005-2008), National Science Fund, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vassilka Mladenova (Sofia University)

Transformation and remobilization of some constituents of arsenic and antimony containing mining and refining waste materials in the vicinity of Chiprovtzi, Montana district - еnvironmental impact, NZ-MU-1507, (2005-2007), National Science Fund, Leader: Res. Assoc. Dimitrina Dimitrova

GEODE ABCD: Geodynamics and ore deposit evolution of the Alpine–Balkan–Carpathian–Dinaride province, European Science Foundation, 2000-2003,

WATMETAPOL: Dynamics, evolution and limitation of heavy metal water pollution in the Plovdiv region (Bulgaria), SfP 973739, NATO Science for Peace Program, 2000-2003, Leader: Res. Prof. D.Sc. Elka Pencheva

Magmatic and geodynamic control of the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene ore deposits in Srednogorie zone and Rhodopes Masssif, Bulgaria GEODE (European Science Foundation) and SCOPES (SNSF). 2000-2003, Project leaders: Dr. Robert Moritz (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rumen Petrunov, (Geological Institute, BAS)

Analytical method development for alunite investigation - application for metallogenic, economic and environmental assessment of objects in Bulgaria. Ministry of Education and Science, National Science Foundation, Project RILA 10, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rumen Petrunov

Platinum group element study in Elatsite and Chelopech deposits, Bulgaria. Geological Institute (Bulgaria) and BRGM (France). Leader: Assoc. Prof. Rumen Petrunov

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