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Julia Statelova

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  • Sofia University, Research Fund. 2004-2005. Evolution of the pre-Mesozoic basement rocks in Belogradchik tectonic unit petrological, structural and metalogenic characteristics.
    Ph. Machev, L. Klain, V. Mladenova, D. Vangelov, J. Statelova.
    The project focused on the origin, evolution and emplacement of two of the pre-Mesozoic plutons in West Stara Planina mountains. Primary relationships between the plutons and the host rocks are overprinted by alpine thrusting and folding. I benefited from the possibility to explore other outcrops of the pre-Mesozoic basement rocks in the Balkanides, as well as working in a team with structural geologists, petrologists and mineralogists. During this study I acquired mainly field experience, team-work skills and experience in petrographic investigations of the metamorphic rocks.

  • Royal Society, International Outgoing Short Visit, UK. 2005. Tectono-metamorphic evolution of Berkovitsa metagranites, Balkanides.
    V. Chavagnac, Ph. Machev, J. Statelova.
    This project provided the possibility to work for a short period of time on the field of my Ph.D. thesis together with both my advisors. It also provided funding for some data on rock geochemistry by ICP-MS and XRF from the laboratories in Southampton Oceanographic Centre.

  • Sofia University, Research Fund. 2005-2006. Origin and tectono-metamorphic evolution of the pre-Mesozoic basement rocks in Balkanides petrological, geochemical and microstructural comparison of selected terrains in Central Stara Planina mountains.
    Ph. Machev, J. Statelova.
    Other Variscan terrains were selected for comparison with my Ph.D. thesis terrain. The major selection factor was the grade of the metamorphic rocks and the absence of evidence for alpine thermal effect on these rocks. During this project, due to low budget, I obtained only field experience and skills in preparation for microprobe and LA-ICP-MS work on geochemistry of rock-forming and accessory minerals.