Main field of geological interests and research activities:

As a PhD student, I was involved in Prof. B. Aleksiev’s team and my scientific interests concerned Paleogene volcano-sedimentary complexes in NE Rhodopes - processes and rocks related to the Early Oligocene basin in NE Rhodopes, sedimentation (detrital, biogenic and bioclastic, tuffaceous), subaqueous deposition of subaerial acid pyroclastic flows (pyroclastic deposits altered in different stage to zeolitic rocks) and destruction of newly formed edifices and deposition of epiclastic materials; zeolitic rocks (mineralolgy-clinoptilolite, mordenite, analcime, genetic types, processes and regularities in zeolitised pyroclastic sequences, natural building and architectural materials); correlation of Early Oligocene sequences according to lithological and magnetostratigraphic data. Other themes in my scientific work are Oligocene lacustrine zeolitic rocks from SW Bulgaria and hypergene heulandite cement in Miocene epiclastic breccia and breccia-conglomerates from Plana Mt., Quaternary tephra deposits in some Bulgarian caves and Sarmatian tephra in NE Bulgaria. Recently I have studied the mineralogical and geochemical features of the clayey sediments and alteration processes, secondary minerals and geochemistry of the clayey materials in the overburden of Maritza East lignite mines (Bulgaria). Landslide processes related to Paleogene volcano-sedimentary sequences in E Rhodopes have also become a subject of my studies.