60th Anniversary of the Geological Institute
Academicians and Corresponding Members Bulgarian Academy of Science

*** Congratulations to Academician Prof. Todor Nikolov with 80 year anniversary ***!

Prof. Todor G. Nikolov

Ph.D., D. Sc., D. hon. causa
Fellow (Academician) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - since 1997
Name and adress: TODOR G. NIKOLOV,
Geological Institute,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia,
Bulgaria; Acad.G.Bonchev 24 Fax: (+359 2) 724 638;
tgnikolov@bitex.com and tnikolovbg@yahoo.com;
Home: 1612 Sofia, Hippodrouma 31-A.

Date and Place of birth: February 26, 1931, v. Varana, Pleven Distr., Bulgaria
Professional Field: Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Regional Geology, Organic evolution.
Education and Academic:
M.S,Geology (Sofia University, 1955);
Ph.D, Geology and Mineralogy(Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1966);
D.Sc,Geology and Mineralogy (Sofia University, 1984).
Main fields of scientific interests and research activities: :
  • Paleontology and Stratigraphy; Regional Geology;
  • Theory of evolution; Field Petroleum Geology;
  • Paleogeography and Paleoclymatology;
  • Global changes and climates in the Earth’s History.
    Languages: Bulgarian - native; French, Russian and English.
    Editorial Boards: Editor, Fossilia bulgarica (1990-2004); Journal of Nature (Priroda), Sofia (since 1985-2000); Journal of Paleontology, Stratigraphy and Litology (Editor-in Chief 1990-1993); Review Bulg. Geological Society (Editor-in-Chief (1980-1982; 1998-2000); Comptes Rendus (Proceedings) de l’Academie bulgare des sciences (Editor-in-Chief since 2006)

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