Main feild of geological interests and research activities:

Main fields of geological interests and research activities:
Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy in Jurassic - Neogene interval;

  • Jurassic-Cretaceous and Cretaceous-Tertiary boundaries and related biological events in the marine macro- and micro- organisms;
  • High-resolution Paleocene and Eocene Stratigraphy, Paleocene-Eocene Termal Maximum
  • Calcareous nannofosil taxonomy;

    Scientific and research activities:
    Author and co-author of more than 105 scientific papers in Bulgarian and international journals and reviews. The main contributions are in the field of nannofossils biostratigraphy, Jurassic/Cretaceous, Cretaceous/Tertiary and Paleocene/Eocene events in marine microplankton.

    Expert activity:

  • Micropaleontologist, calcareous nannofossil expert on the board of the drilling rig in 1993-1996 in Black Sea shelf, offshore Bulgaria, for TEXACO, BRITISH GAS, ENTERPRISE OIL, OMW.
  • Well-site micropaleontologist on the board of Southern Cross semi-submersible drilling rig - 2007, Black Sea offshore Bulgaria, for Melrose Resources.

    Computer abilities:
    MS Office 2007, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Page Maker.

    Language literacy:

  • English and Russian (fluent)
  • French (moderate)
  • Bulgarian (native language)

    Last update: 22 February 2011