• June, 1958: M. Sc. degree /Defense of Diploma Thesis/
  • 1958-April 1960: Geologist at the Geological Committee
  • 1960-1987: research associate at Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Scienses.
  • 1961: Post graduate student at the University of Freiberg /Germany/ and at the Academy of Scienses, Berlin /Germany/
  • 1969: Ph. D. Degree /Defence of the Ph. D. Thesis for geological scienses/
  • 1972-1975: Expert geologist at the Bulgarproremi - Officce National des Mines - Tunisia
  • 1978-1981 Expert at the Mapping Programme at the Institute of Paleontology and Geology at the Academie des Siences of Cuba.
  • 1982,1985 Chief Geologist at the Bulgargeomin Officce National des Mines-Tunisia.
  • 1987-today: Associate Professor of Sedimentology
  • 1989-1982: Scientific Secretary of the Geological Institute, BAS
  • 1992-1993: Director of the Geological Institute, BAS
  • 1994: Holder of a grand at the University of Pavia /Italy/
  • 1995-today: Chief of the Department of Sedimentology in the Geological Institute,
  • BAS 1995:Doctor of Scienses Defence Dr. Sci. /Thesis for Geological Scienses/