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Radi Assoc. Professor, Dr. Radostina Atanassova
Scientific Secretary

Geological Institute
Acad. Georgi Bonchev Str., bl. 24
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 9792207
Fax: +359 2 8724638

MSc in Mineralogy and Crystallography, Sofia University, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic Geology, 1999
PhD in Mineralogy and Crystallography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Geological Institute, 2005.
PhD Thesis: Hydrothermal minerals in highly non-equilibrium conditions: Morphology and crystal growth of hydrothermal sulphides far from the equilibrium

Positions held
1998 - 2000 geologist, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Geological Institute, 2000
2000 - 2006 Assistatnt, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Geological Institute, 2006
2014 Scientific Secretary

Membership in scientific organizations
Bulgarian Mineralogical Society
Bulgarian Geological Society
Mineralogical Association of Canada, MAC
Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, SGA

Main fields of scientific research
Mineral genesis, Crystal Morphology and Growth, Minerals in non-equilibrium conditions, Ore and Environmental mineralogy.

Participation in programmes and projects
Galena, the main component of the Bulgarian polymetallic ore deposits: Crystal growth, crystal chemistry, metallogenic and environmental aspects (Bulgarian Science Fund NZ-1307, 2003-2007), Leader: Res. Prof. Ivan K. Bonev

Pyrite in the mine waste materials as an important factor for environmental contamination: Mineralogical and chemical approaches (Bulgarian Science Fund NZ MU 1503, 2005-2008), Leader: Dr. radostina Atanassova

Postdoc research project: Growth and dissolution features of sulphide crystals and their influence on the environment (Bulgarian Science Fund DO1-904/MON, 2007-2009), Leader: Dr. radostina Atanassova

GEODE ABCD: Geodynamics and ore deposit evolution of the Alpine–Balkan–Carpathian–Dinaride province, European Science Foundation, 2000-2003

WATMETAPOL: Dynamics, evolution and limitation of heavy metal water pollution in the Plovdiv region (Bulgaria), SfP 973739, NATO Science for Peace Program, 2000-2003, Leader: Res. Prof. Elka Pencheva

Au-Ag-telluride-selenide deposits, Project 486 of IGCP (International Geological Correlation Program), 2003-2007, Dr. Nigel Cook (Norway), Dr. Kari Kojonen (Finland)

“Trace element and isotope studies of rocks, soil, minerals, coal, waters and archeological artifacts by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)”, RNF01/0006, (2008-2010), National Science Fund, Project Leader: Res. Prof. Peter Marchev

Scientific awards
“The Earth: Known and Unknown” special award, 2nd competition for young scientific development, Sofia, 1999
”Prof. Marin Drinov” award for young scientists, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2006

International scientific journals
Bonev, I.K., J.M. Garcia-Ruiz, R. Atanassova, F. Otalora, S. Petrussenko. 2005. Genesis of filamentary pyrite associated with calcite crystals. European Journal of Mineralogy, 17 (6), 905-913.

Bonev, I.K., T. Kerestedjian, R. Atanassova, C. Andrew. 2002. Morphogenesis and composition of native gold in the Chelopech volcanic-hosted Au-Cu epithermal deposit, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria. Mine. Deposita, 37, 614-629.

Bulgarian scientific journals
Vassileva, R. D., R. Atanassova, I. K. Bonev. 2009. A review on the morphological variety of the ore bodies in the Madan Pb-Zn deposits, Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria, Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 47, 31-49.

Арнаудов, В., Р. Атанасова, Р. Василева. 2009. In Memoriam Ст.н.с. І ст. дгн Иван Колев Бонев (25.10.1936-22.09.2008).Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 47, 1-3.

Atanassova, R., I.K. Bonev. 2006. Two crystallographically different types of skeletal galena associated with colloform sphalerite. Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 44, 1-18.

Atanassova, R. 2005. Genesis of a colloform As-bearing pyrite. Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 41, 31-43 (in Bulgarian).

Kerestedjian, T., R. Atanassova. 2000. Using virtual reality description language VRML 2.0 in crystal structure and morphology representations. Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 37, 107-110 (in Bulgarian).

Kerestedjian, T., R. Atanassova, I.K. Bonev, V. Hristov, L. Yurukova, V. Arnaudov, A. Hadjiev, I. Apostolova, T. Meshinev. 2000. Environmental impact of the mining activity: A complex investigation in the erma Reka valey, Madan ore district. Geochem., Mineral. and Petrol., 37, 111-126 (in Bulgarian).

Proceedings of international congresses and conferences
Vassileva R. D., Atanassova R., Bonev I.K. Morphogenetic types of ore bodies, ore textures and crystallization mechanisms in the hydrothermal Madan deposits, Central Rhodopes. CBGA 2010, Thessaloniki, submitted

Vassileva R.D., R. Atanassova, K. Kouzmanov, T. Kerestedjian. 2009. Madan Pb-Zn deposits, Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria: Mineralization stages and fluid inclusion microthermometry. Absracts volume of the XX ECROFI meeting, 21-30 Sept., Granada, 271-272.

Bonev, I.K., R. Petrunov, R. Atanassova. 2005. Filamentary native gold from the Elatsite porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria. In: N. Cook & I.K. Bonev (Eds.) Au-Ag-Te-Se deposits, IGCP project 485, Proceedings of the 2005 Field Workshop, Kiten, Bulgaria, 26-34.

Atanassova, R., T. Kerestedjien, I. Donchev. 2004. Mineralogy and remobilization processes in the weltz-clinker dump site, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria. In: M. Pecchio et al. (Eds.) 8th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy ICAM 2004, Aguas de Lindoia, Brasil, 387-389.

Hristov, V., R. Atanassova, A. Benderev. 2004. Heavy metal pollution of soils and groundwater in the vicinity of the two waste heaps near a Smelter “KCM” (Bulgaria). 5thInternational Symposium Eastern Mediterranean Geology ISEMG, Thessaloniki, Greece, 994-997.

Pentcheva E.N., R. Atanassova, L. Van’t dack. 2004.Water-metallurgical waste interaction as a source of secondary soil and water pollution. In: R. Wantly & R. Seal II (Eds.) 11th International Symposium Water-Rock Interaction, Saratoga Springs, USA, Balkema, 1613-1617.

Kerestedjian, T., R. Atanassova, N. Piperov. 2003. Recent mineral formation and heavy metal remobilization in the clinker waste heaps of KCM smelter, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In: D. Eliopoulus et al. (Eds.) 7th Biennial SGA Meeting Mineral Exploration and Sustainable Development, Athens, Greece,1, Millpress Rotterdam, Netherlands, 29-32.

Atanassova, R., T. Kerestedjian. 2002. Heavy metal remobilization in clinker waste heaps in the vicinity oh KCM smelter, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In: Lorber et al. (Eds.) DepoTech 2002, Verlag Glückauf, Essen, 421-426.

Proceedings of Bulgarian congresses and conferences
Vassileva, R. D., R. Atanassova. 2009. Zincian tetrahedrite from the deposit of Yuzhna Petrovitsa, Madan ore field. Proceedingsof the National Conference “Geosciences 2009” 3-4 Dec. 2009, Sofia, 31-32.

Atanassova, R. 2008. Recent sulphate minerals: A result of weathering of pyrite. Proceedings of the National Conference with international participation GEOSCIENCES 2008, 133-134.

Atanassova, R. 2007. Peculiar pyrite aggregates replacing pyroxene skarns. Proceedings of the National Conference with international participation GEOSCIENCES 2007, 58-60 (in Bulgarian).

Atanassova, R., I.K. Bonev. 2005. Skeletal galena simultaneously grown with chalcedony-moganite spherulites. Proceedings of the Jubilee International Conference 80 years Bulgarian Geological Society, 63-66 (in Bulgarian).

Atanassova, R., T. Kerestedjian, G. Satchanska.2003. Mineralogical, geochemical and microbiological study of metal polluted soils, sediments and dump materials in the vicinity of the KCM Pb-Zn smelter, Plovdiv region. 3d Intern.Scientific Conference Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection, Albena, Bulgaria, Proceedings, 305-315.

Vassileva, R.D., R. Atanassova, P. Marchev, T. Kerestedjian. 2009. Madan Pb-Zn sulphide deposits as part of the Alpine-Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaride province. Abstracts volume of the MinPet 2009- 4th Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference, 7-11 Sept. 2009, Budapest. Mitt. Osterr. Miner. Ges. 155, 169.

Atanassova, R., I.K. Bonev, J.M. Garcia-Ruiz. 2006. Filamentary and skeletal sulphide (pyrite and galena) crystals embraced in large contemporaneously growing calcite crystals. 19th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Kobe, Japan. p. 174.

Bonev, I.K., R. Atanassova. 2006. Crystallography and origin of colloform pyrite. 19th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Kobe, Japan. Program and Abstracts, p. 181.

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