Academic experience:
  • Assistant Professor (Sedimentologist), Geological Institute, April 2010-present;
  • Geologist (Sedimentologist), Geological Institute, January 2008-March 2010;

    Industrial experience:

  • “Melrose Resources”, participation as sedimentologist in several industrial projects, April-September, 2006;
  • “Geology and Geophysics” Inc., participation in geological mapping of Western Balkan (Northwestern Bulgaria), August-November, 2004.
  • “Hereward Ventures Bulgaria” AD, Summer Geology Student Job, July-September, 2003.


  • Geologist specialized in carbonate/evaporite sedimentology;
  • Experience in petrography and microfacies analysis, as well as carbonate geochemistry, diagenesis and porosity;
  • Experience in field work and core-log study of sedimentary rocks;

  • Computer skills: Microsoft Office; Word, Excel & PowerPoint, CorelDRAW Suite.