Dr. Nikolaya Serafimova Velitchkova - Keskinova

Curent Occupation: Associated Professor, Ph.D.

Address:Geological Institute,Research Geological Laboratory “GEOLAB”
Acad.G.Boncev str.,bl.24;1113 Sofia BULGARIA
  • Office: (+359 2) 979 34 79; Laboratory: (+359 2) 979 22 23
  • Fax: (+359 2) 8724 638

  • Analytical laboratory investigations - inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) in the environmental analysis (waters, soils, sediments, rocks, ores, industrial materials, plant materials and the like);
  • Line selection and detection limits in the determination of heavy and toxic elements in environmental materials by ICP-OES; Investigations on the spectral interference in the determination of different elements in geological materials by ICP-OES;
  • Application of different analytical techniques for direct element determination by ETV-ICP-OES, d.c. arc OES, LA-ICP-MS and including sample dissolution procedures AAS, ICP-MS, ICP-TOF-MS;
  • Investigation on the concentration levels of heavy and toxic elements in environmental materials (water, soils, sediments, plants) from polluted and blank regions in Bulgaria;
  • Batch sorption experiments, Leaching experiments; Clay pore water chemistry, Determination of Partitition Coefficient Kd in clays
  • Heavy metal mobility assessment of soluble and easily exchangeable metals in soils and sediments;

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