Participation in International and National Projects

Member of the team of the International project:

  • 14.02-14.08, 2013. Project BG051PO001-3.3.05-0001 “Science and business”- funded by Operations program “Development of human resources”. Contract N ÄÎ2-172/14.02.2013 and Index: Ï-6-23/13.
  • 2011-2012 (I stage) and 2015-2016 (II stage). Mobilization of hazardous metals and metalloids from ore and coal industrial waste facilities: mechanisms of transport, accumulation in soils and components of the foodchain. Project DNTS China 1/07, grant of Bulgarian Science Fund.
  • (2005-2006) „Appui scientific a la restructuration des secteurs energetiques de la Bulgarie et de Republique de Macedoine” (BRGM, GI-BAS)
  • Expert in the project: (1997-1999) - “Valuation of the Influence of the Waters Used in Coal Preparation on the Environment” - funded by Research Support Scheme of Open Society Institute (RSS 436/97).

    Member of the team:

  • (2007-2009) “Study on the Thermal Autooxidation Alteration of Coals from the Pernik (Bulgaria) and Berovo (Macedonia) Open Coal Mines”. Funded by Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science”. Participants: Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and GI-BAS.
  • Manager of the project: (2005-2006) „Geochemistry and mineralogy of pernik coal and wastes from their preparation”
  • (1994) “Ecological investigation of the region of TEPS “Maritza-East I and II”- funded by “Scientific Fund” - Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”;
  • (1992) “Phase-mineralogical and chemical composition of wastes from TEPS “Bobov dol” - funded by Dupnitza municipality;
  • (1991-1995) "Phase-mineralogical and chemical heterogeneity in coal and their waste products”- funded by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • (1990-1991) “Phase-mineralogical and geochemical investigations of coal and solid wastes from TEPSs (thermo-electric power stations) and PPs (preparation plants)” - funded by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • (1989-1990) “Investigation of Bulgarian mineral resources” - funded by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;

    Last update: 14.03.2017