Participation in international congresses and symposia:
  • Reunion specialisee de la Societe Geologique de France, du Comite Francais de Stratigraphie et de l’Association de Geologues du Sud-Ouest (Toulouse, France, 2000).
    Participation in international and national projects:
    Projects granted by National Scientific Foundation
  • Participant in the Project NZ 1005/00: Ammonite stratigraphy of the Toarcian and Aalenian in the Stara Planina Mts and Fore Balkan and correlation with the ammonite zonal standard in the NW Europe (2002-2004).
    Projects funded by EU Programmes
  • Leader of the project “Integrated stratigraphy of the Toarcian in one key section of the Ponor - Gradets Lower Jurassic Strip (Western Balkan Mts, Bulgaria)”, within EU-project Paleostudies Contract No. HPRI-CT-2001-00124 (2003).
  • Leader of the project “Geochemistry of the Upper Pliensbachian - Lower Bajocian transition in two marl-limestone rhythmic successions from the Western Balkan Mts, Bulgaria - chemostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental evolution”, within EU-project Paleostudies Contract No. HPRI-CT-2001-00124 (2004).
    Last update 29.10.2004